We are Kellie, Jonathan, Jethro and Shepard Stones. This is our little family business of creating quirky things from recycled stuff for cool and funky little people with BIG imaginations.

Through our desire to create an inspiring and individual space for our children, that reminded us of our own childhood, we started this little business that now keeps us well and truly inspired and busy. Recycled for us is the only way to go. It feels right to start our kids off with the ethos of recycled and encourage their creativity and imaginations. So we are very proud that all our timbers are 100% recycled and untreated. They are completely safe for our children and yours too.

When the cogs aren’t turning on Castle and Cubby, we dabble in the skills we gained in our former lives, you know BC (before children). I was a photographer of product and events with a background in online sales and marketing. Jon is a qualified chef who had the foresight, thankfully, to get out of the food industry and work in carpentry. So we get the best of both worlds, awesome food every night and Dad home early!

We aim to keep adding new, interesting and cool products for your little outdoor adventurer. So come back and check us again.

We are a little family in a big world following our dreams.


Our cubby houses are made from recycled fruit and vegetable crates which we source locally.

They have had a previous life in the food industry and so they are food grade which means untreated and completely safe for your kids. 

We pride ourselves on providing beautifully natural, authentic, rustic and charming cubby houses. They are built to inspire imagination rather than determine it.

Due to the nature of recycled materials every cubby is unique with it’s stamps, knots, dents, knocks and patina. They have a few rusty bits and old staples from where the orchards have removed their labels. To us this makes them full of character and tells the story of their life so even though we will grind down any obvious danger points we don't remove it all and we take care to ensure that rough edges are sanded to smooth. If you have concerns about uniformity, stains, splinters, rusty bits etc, these might not be the cubby houses for you, and that is ok.

If you have any other questions about our materials or anything else to do with our cubby houses, please check our FAQ’s section or please give us a call we are happy to answer any questions.