About our Cubbies

Our cubby houses and accessories are made from both recycled and new apple crates, and sustainably sourced timber.

We source our used apple crates from one supplier, whom we have a strong relationship with. They have had a previous life in the orchards and so they are certified food-grade, which means untreated and completely safe for your kids. Plus, they are recycled, which means you’re doing a great thing for the environment and teaching your kids about re-purposing existing materials right from the start.

As the used apple crates are a finite resource (and more than a few times we have had to cap how many cubby orders we can take, due to the limited crates we have on hand!), we have introduced new crates to our supply, built using sustainably-sourced timber. These are perfect for painted cubbies, or for clients who want a more ‘finished’ surface with little to no gaps in the panels. If left raw, the cubbies will also gray off beautifully within 6-9 months (depending on the amount of weather exposure), and eventually resemble the orchard-aged Recycled Apple Crate Cubbies.

We know exactly where all our crates and timbers come from and we know how they have been handled, so you can be assured that our product is consistant, always safe, and always good for the environment.

We do not use pallets in any of our products due to inconsistency in the treatment of the wood and not knowing what potentially hazardous materials they have been used to carry in the past. Whilst we (and the entire Pinterest community!) think the use of this resource is amazing in some projects, we think they are better used in adult spaces rather than children’s play equipment.

We pride ourselves on providing authentic, rustic and charming cubby houses. They are built to inspire imagination and role play, and encourage outdoor activity. Every Recycled Apple Crate Cubby House is unique with it’s stamps, knots, dents, and patina. Our range of Styled Cubby Houses are based on real-life games our own kids have concocted. And we are always creating and designing and testing new ideas in our own backyard, with our own kids and their friends. Our backyard is … pretty darn popular!

If you have questions about our materials or anything to do with our cubby houses, please check out our FAQs section, or give us a call! We are happy to answer any queries or concerns.

Building Cubby Houses