About our Cubbies

Our cubby houses are made from recycled fruit and vegetable crates which we source locally.

We source our materials from 1 supplier whom we have a strong relationship with. They have had a previous life in the food industry and so they are certified food grade which means untreated and completely safe for your kids. Plus they are recycled, which means you’re doing a great thing for the environment and teaching your kids the ethos of recycled right from the start.

We know exactly where the crates come from and we know how they have been handled; so you can be assured that our product is consistant, always safe and always good for the environment.

We do not use pallets in any of our products due to inconsistency in the treatment of the wood and not knowing what potentially hazardous materials they have been used to carry in the past. Whilst we think the use of this resource is amazing in some projects we think they are better used in adult spaces rather than children’s play spaces. We need to be their voice until they can make their own decisions.


We pride ourselves on providing beautifully natural, authentic, rustic and charming cubby houses. They are built to inspire imagination rather than determine imagination. Due to the nature of recycled materials every cubby is unique with it’s stamps, knots, dents, knocks and patina. They will have rusty nails and staples from where the orchards have removed their packing material. To us this makes them full of character and we wouldn’t dream of removing these parts. We take care to ensure that rough edges are sanded to smooth and we grind and remove any nails that might be poking through. If you have concerns about uniformity, stains, splinters, rusty bits etc, these might not be the cubby houses for you, and that is ok.

If you have any other questions about our materials or anything else to do with our cubby houses, please check our FAQ’s section or please give us a call we are happy to answer any questions.

Building Cubby Houses