What surface do you need to put the Cubby House on? 

We can pretty much install a Cubby House on most surfaces as long as we can level it out somewhat. The Cubby base has 3 long, but shallow legs. This means that on dirt, mulch, toppings and some small stoned surfaces we can dig the legs in so that the entrance to the cubby is flush with the ground.

Otherwise if you have a paved, concrete or other hard surface, as long as it is level we can sit the cubby on top and there will be a small (3 inch) step up into the cubby.


Do you prepare the area for the Cubby House? 

Minimum site preparation is included in our price. This means that we will do some levelling of the surface to ensure that the Cubby is stable. We will also cut back tree branches and bushes to allow for clear access to the Cubby. As long as the site preparation doesn’t take us more than half an hour then we will do it for you.

If you have more work required such as extensive levelling, tree removal etc, please chat to us, as we can offer you competitive hourly landscaping rates to do it all at once.


Are the Cubby Houses Waterproof? 

Our Cubby Houses are waterproof.

Little Cubby Houses do not have a door and they have 1 open server window, so rain can get in through these spaces. If this is not ideal you can add a hinged door and an additional hinged window to the design. Please see Little Cubby product page for add on costs.

Likewise midi cubbies, although they have a fixed door, do have 1 open window. Again you can remedy this by adding an additional hinged window. Please see Midi Cubby product page for add on costs.

There are gaps in the cubby walls. They are approx 3-5mm thick. Unless you have sideways rain this should not be an issue for water getting in, where you have all the openings with fixed fittings.

Wind proofing may also be an issue for you. Whilst the majority of wind will be deflected, some small amount will inevitably get through the small gaps. Unless you want to ruin the internal aesthetics of the cubby by adding plastic lining, we suggest you look at adding trees/shrubs to deflect wind and or garden screens.


What if my child is older and taller? 

We do riser sections for the Cubby Houses which will allow up to an additional 30-40cm’s of height. More than enough to get them through to the “I’m too old for a cubby Mum”, age.

See our Cubby House product pages for info and costs.


Can I change the layout of the doors and windows?

Absolutely! We get lots of requests for custom designs and layouts. We have done a Cubby House as a dog house, chicken house and have even been asked to do one for a goat!

We will usually chat to you on site about the best position for the door and window if we haven’t discussed it prior.


Can I change the size of the Cubby House? 

Yes you can. Technically. However as we use a recycled material that has an existing footprint of 1.2 x 1.2 we typically make cubbies in multiples of this size. So say you wanted a 1.8 x 1.2 cubby, just a little wider than the little cubby but not as big as the midi cubby. We would use the same materials as the midi cubby and cut it down to the right size. So we use the same materials plus we do extra labour. This ends up making in between sizes more expensive than the slightly larger cubby houses. If you think you need the extra space and are happy to pay the extra then we would LOVE to make it for you.


Will there be splinters in the wood?

Well, yes. It is wood and if you run your hand along it you may get splinters. We take every care to sand down the edges that we cut to ensure that any roughness is gone. We do not sand the entire cubby house as this will remove the beautiful aesthetic of the grey wood and stencils. If this is a genuine concern I would honestly have to say perhaps our cubby houses are not ideal for you, and that is ok.


How long does the installation take? 

For the single Cubby House it is about 1 1/2 hours. For a Midi Cubby House it is closer to 3 hours installation.


When can you deliver? 

We deliver every weekday and can deliver on weekends also. If you have a special birthday surprise coming up, chat to us about the best time for our delivery so you can get the birthday person out of the house and bring them back for reveal!


Can the Cubby Houses be dismantled? 

Renters rejoice, yes our cubby houses can be dismantled. We use screws to screw in the components which means you can unscrew it if you need to move.

If you need help moving please give us a call. We can come and do it for you. Costs depend on location and travel distance to new home.


Do you have payment plans? 

Yes. You are welcome to make payments towards your cubby house at any time and at any interval. We simply set you up with an invoice and our bank account details. Every time you make a payment towards your cubby we get notified and assign your money to your account. We will keep you updated with where you are at.


Can I preorder for Christmas? 

Yes, please do. We are very busy over the Christmas period and have limited delivery dates and times available. We do deliver right up to Christmas eve to assist as Santa’s little helpers. Please still check with us, we are training up more Santa’s Helpers so that we can deliver even more Christmas cheer.



Do you deliver interstate?

As a Melbourne based business we get asked this a lot.  The short answer is yes, however there is a bit involved in this process on our end and then on your end too.  We can prepare the cubby to your layout and then ship it in parts to you. You will need to pickup from a depot, have some strong helpers and then use our instructions to put it back together again. You will need some tools and be handy with them. It is not the hardest thing you will put together, probably easier than some Ikea items, but not the easiest either. Have a chat to us to find out more.


How can I pay? 

We take 30% deposit on order and then payment on the day on completion. Both are via direct deposit. We can organise credit card payments if required.