Cubby House Accessories and Kids Outdoor Play Equipment in Australia

Adorn your cubbies with some sweet equipment and accessories that really brighten your child’s imagination. All made from recycled timber, the cubby house accessories available in Australia with our team give your little one an environmentally friendly outlook on life, and make their space truly special.

Letter box accessories

Who doesn’t love receiving letters and postcards in their mailbox? The postman will always be able to stop by to drop them a special treat when you install the letter box by the door.

Planter box

Decorate the cubby space with a bit of greenery and freshness, or some gorgeous flowers. Kids will have fun tending to their plants, whether they create a herb garden (finally, some help in the kitchen!) or little succulent decorations.

Hanging rack

Perfect for the little home (or inside the adult home, too), this hanging rack lets your kids hang their bits and bobs easily.

Cubby house bunting

Made from recycled wood, this bunting adds a stylish addition to the walls or ceiling of your cubby – or you can hang it outside the door to welcome the tiny visitors to the home.


Sun-smart and good looking, especially important under the harsh Australian sun, the little awnings block UV rays for sensitive young skin. You have a choice of fabrics and patterns to adorn the home.

Cubby furniture

After a long day tending to the veggies growing in their planter box, or cooking up a storm in their cubby’s kitchen, the kids will want somewhere to relax – let them recline on a little wooden chair, or set the table of their miniature outdoor dining setting.


Recreate the style of a real veranda with a deck made from recycled timber – the home will look charming and authentic. It’s a great way for your kids to welcome their visitors.

Outdoor sand pit

The kids will have so much fun being the king or queen of their own sandcastle, which they construct in their very own sand pit. The frame is made from natural timber and the sand soft to the touch.

Blackboards for play

Ignite the kids’ imaginations with the outdoor play equipment designed for creativity and thought. They’ll be artists in no time.