Mud Kitchens

Built from the same eco friendly and recycled materials that we make our cubby houses from our Mud Kitchens are the perfect accompaniment to your Cubby House and exterior play space.

Children naturally want to mimic the world they live in and cooking is a task they see adults performing on a daily basis. Naturally they want to prepare food, present food and pretend to eat food. They are not fussed at all if it is real food, they are quite happy using mulch, sand, dirt, pebbles or whatever other garden matter you have to set the scene.

Cooking up mud pies is a memory most of us have from childhood. A Mud Kitchen will give them the space and setting to cook up a storm and serve it to their willing and less fussy clientele.

Shop the op shops for some cool and cheap kitchen utensils.


Please note: ** We can make mud kitchens custom to any size and with any features. Speak to us about your ideas.

This is our standard mud kitchen – It comes with stainless steel bowl, pretend hot plates and hooks for utensils.


Standard – $270
With oven – $320

(not including delivery)

120cm wide
110cm tall (at rear)
Bench height 45cm
Bench depth 60cm

Castle and Cubby Mud Kitchen with ovenCastle and Cubby Standard Mud Kitchen