Timber Awning with Fabric Cover

Timber awning and fabric coverlet

– Add a pop of colour and texture to your cubby house to really bring it to life.

Cost: $180

We build a timber awning for your cubby house, which can be used on its own, or you can choose to add some fun and vibrant outdoor fabrics to style it up.

We use a brilliant supplier of fabrics, Fab Outdoor Fabrics. Their fabrics are UV and water resistant which makes them perfect for your cubby house.

We have a range of fabrics that we stock regularly including stripes in yellow and white stripe (pictured below), black and white, and navy and white. We usually have a range of different fabrics that we have ordered for their fun and vibrant patterns, so chat to us about your design and see if we can’t make a perfect match for you.

The awning fabrics are removable from your cubby so you can take them off, wash them or interchange them if you want to mix up the style. Why not mix them with some colourful bunting in matching or complimentary colours to really bring your Cubby House to life.


Cubby House Timber Awning

Timber Awnings with fabric coverlet

Fab Fabrics