Our recycled apple crate cubby houses are made from, you guessed it – apple crates, and these have been made especially for our Australian apple industry.

We have two types of apple crate cubby houses, made from recycled crates or new crates (made from sustainably sourced timber). Both have different qualities that make them special and suitable for your desired end look. The recycled apple crates are a finite resource and we have access to these crates when the apples are released to the supermarkets. This means that we do not always have recycled crates available (usually in winter).

Recycled apples crates have a gorgeous patina, and etched into it’s panels are dents and knocks and the stamps from their life at the orchards. They have a very rustic appeal, and we like to keep these raw to appreciate their beautiful natural state. If you would like a painted cubby house, or a more ‘finished’ raw cubby, we recommend you check out the New Apple Crate Cubby Houses. The look you are after will determine the product that we will use for your job.

As the apple crates have a set size, all of the cubbies in this range are in multiples of this measurement. Please see our table below for sizes and prices. Peruse our image gallery below for inspiration, and check out our accessories to bring the cubby cute-factor up a notch!


Little120cm d x 120cm w x 150cm (internal height) and 180cm (external height)1 x hinged door, 2 x hinged windows, 1 x blackboard (87cm x 40cm) under one window.$980
Midi120cm d x 240cm w x 150cm (internal height) and 180cm (external height)1 x hinged door, 2 x hinged windows, 1 x blackboard (87cm x 40cm) under one window.$1750
Long120cm d x 360cm w x 150cm (internal height) and 180cm (external height)2 x hinged doors, 3 x hinged windows, 1 x blackboard (87cm x 40cm) under one window.$2500
Large240cm d x 240cm w x 150cm (internal height) and 180cm (external height)1 x hinged door, 3 x hinged windows, 1 x blackboard (87cm x 40cm) under one window.$2800

All cubbies include delivery and installation in Melbourne within 30kms of our workshop in Bayswater (with a charge of $2 per km for greater distances).

If you are interstate, please enquire for freight costs and shipment details. 

See our image gallery for examples and inspiration (pictures may include some accessories not listed in the inclusions).


LAYOUT - We have set layouts for each cubby size, listed below but we can totally change these around to suit your style and space. See our gallery for different examples. 

Little - Door on 1 side, a long window on the 2nd side and a long window on the 3rd side. If your cubby house will be in a corner, we can adjust this to replace 1 of the windows with a smaller window next to the door. Chat to us about your preferred layout. 

Midi - Door on the front (2.4m side), long window also on the front and long window on 1 of the sides. 

Long - We usually sell this as a little and midi with an internal door between the 2 cubbies. This way you can use the little for storage. We can also change this to be 1 whole cubby space. Chat to us about your desired layout. 

EXTRA HEIGHT - We have set the internal height of our cubby houses at 150cm for a few reasons, one - kids won't typically reach this height before they are 'over' (insert pre-teen eye roll) their cubby house days. And two - we personally think the proportions work best at this height. The cuteness factor is always a top priority!

The height does make it a bit tricky as an adult to stand up, so if you do plan on spending a bit of time in the cubby (and really that is the only reason to do it) you can add a height extension to bring the internal height up to 180cm. 

Height Extension Costs 

  • Little - $120
  • Midi - $240
  • Long - not available due
  • Large - $340

CLEAR ROOF - We use a recycled corrugated iron for the roofing. With the inclusions of the doors and windows, we think this option lets enough light in, BUT, if you are someone who revels in sunlight, then we can look at a full or partial clear roof option. Chat to us.  

ACCESSORIES - We have a large range of accessories including decking, awnings, bunting, planter boxes, letter boxes, furniture and other play equipment that can really give your cubby house POP and WOW. Check out our links below to peruse the fun.

CUSTOMISATION - Positioning of doors and windows, extras we don't have listed, killer ideas you have - don't hesitate to let us know. Much of our business has been built on the back of brilliant ideas from our friends and clients.