Party and Event Hire

Our cubby houses lend themselves amazingly well to the party and event space and can be hired for that purpose. They are a fun and interactive way for families to engage with their children and are an even better way for kids to lose theselves for an hour or two, or in most cases till the parents drag them away kicking and screaming.
We have setup our cubbies at a number of events in Melbourne including the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, shopping events at the Royal Exhibition Building, council events and more.
We setup our cubbies with toys and accessories to match the style of cubby. The Farmer’s Market includes aprons, little metal shopping baskets, toy fruit, vegetables, and grocery items to fill their market boxes, a cash register and money to complete the shopping experience. Our Cafe also comes with delectable toy baked goods and our Gelato Shop with scrumptious toy ice creams. We have the Fire Station with a ladder and slide, a Post Office with original post boxes and pretend letters to send, the Milk Bar, the Jail, the Brighton Beach Boxes (modelled on actual Brighton beach boxes) and a proper old school Outback Shack, with hay bales and a windmill! Pheww….. Seriously people we have thought of everything!
This is the best alternative to a craft corner, jumping castle or petting zoo. We LOVE parties and events and would love to come to yours!