A house in the trees - just for your little monkey! There are a few options for your tree house design:

Using our apple crate cubby houses as the base (and coupled with good quality carpentry work) we can build your cubby house up in the trees. We can build ladders and decking around it if you choose. Sizes will be limited to the set sizing of the apple crate cubbies, however, we can play with the overall size by adding the decking, and trimming it down to the perfect size. 

Alternatively, we can design something bespoke for you from our new sustainable timbers. Using this method we can achieve the desired size and look you are after, including various cladding options. 

Check out our photo gallery below of previous installations - as you can see they each unique and designed and built with the surroundings in mind.

Please chat to us about your space, trees, height etc. We may come out to measure up and check the site suitability, and we will provide you with a quote.