Wooden Sand Pits For Imaginative Outdoor Play in Melbourne

When you’ve set up your gorgeous cubby house, but you’re looking for a little bit extra, you can’t go past our wooden sand pit creations available in Melbourne. Each is made from sustainable timber that is untreated and completely recycled. We only build products that inspire an environmentally friendly approach in your little one’s minds, to make sure they grow up in a world that they want to care for.

Sand pits for imaginative play

The options are endless – your child will never run out of ideas for how to use their brand new sand pit. One day, they may build a huge sandcastle, from which they have to battle off dragons. The next, they may start a small local bakery, where they make delicious sandy pies for their friends who come to visit. This pit is perfect – appended to the side of your cubby, it makes it easier to cook for the restaurant. After all, you need a way to churn out apple pies much quicker if the shop is to make profit!

With the softest texture, and installation included in the price, our upcycled sand pits are truly every child’s dream, especially when paired with our other accessories.


Dimensions: 120w x 120d x 40h
Cost: $220


Sand: $150 – We will pick this up and deliver it with your cubby house or have it delivered to your home. Alternatively you can fill yourself

Sand pit Lid: $120 – Keep out leaves and other organic matter from the sandpit – made from matching recycled timbers

Wheels: $200 – We can add industrial wheels to your sandpit so that you can move it around in and out of the sun and to clean up around it easily. Great addition for a courtyard!

Delivery: If purchasing alone we can arrange delivery, speak to us about your location for a quote

Custom Wooden Designs:

We can also quote for larger pits. We can build them from a variety of eco-friendly options, the most popular being recycled timber railway sleepers. Just chat to us about your ideal size and we will be more than happy to build you something that fits into your backyard perfectly. We create the perfect addition to your wondrous cubby house – ask us how. Check out our full accessories page.

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Wooden Sand Pitsand pits melbourneWooden Sand pits made in Melbourne from Recycled timberWooden Sandpit made in Melbourne from Recycled timberWooden Sandpits made in Melbourne from recycled timber