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Exploring outdoors, using their imaginations, seeking fun, connection and family, and creating memories is what ALL kids seek. At Castle and Cubby we are committed to designing products that ensure all kids can experience a rich childhood filled with special moments.

We work with the special needs community to ensure our designs meet your needs and we are dedicated to be able to respond to requests from families, schools, community groups and businesses for specific features that enable safe and inclusive play.

Hand Hand made in Australia using untreated and sustainable locally sourced materials so we tread lightly on Earth. Our modular designs enables a large range of sizes, layouts, and styles and makes DIY super easy, or we offer a full service. We are always seeking feedback on ways we can improve, so please let us know if we have missed anything that will ensure your family is included. We are listening and willing to learn.


Some of the accessible features that we include are:

  • Ensuring our products meet the disability access standards
  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • Grab Rails placed where required
  • Bench heights to accomodate varying wheelchair heights and ages of children

If you don't see a feature here that suits your needs please do let us know. We are seeking to understand the special needs of your community and ato

The first steps in choosing your cubby or other products are to measure your space. Measure out the entire space you are willing to give over to a play area, including some area around the space for movement. Next have a think about your budget.

Once you know the size and a rough idea of budget please peruse the options below and let us know if you need any help. Or chat to us about designs that you would like to see and we can work out if we can accomodate within your budget and timeframe.

Don't forget there are lots of ways you can reduce costs including doing some of the installation yourself. Assembling our products is pretty easy, so why not take the glory for yourself, the kids will think you are a legend!

You can install a cubby house or other products on most surfaces, as long as it is level. The cubby base has 3 long legs, approx 10cm high. This means that on dirt, mulch, toppings and some small stoned surfaces we can dig the legs in so that the entrance to the cubby is flush with the ground. Otherwise, if you have a paved, concrete or other hard surfaces, as long as it is level we can sit the cubby on top and there will be a small (3 inch) step up into the cubby.

We recommend placing your cubby in a well drained positioned to ensure the longest life of the timber feet. Our footings are made from Cypress pine which is naturally termite and weather resistant, but we still do recommend ensuring that they are not placed directly onto soggy ground. If your area is prone to a little damp you can build up a barrier with a layer of cost effective crushed rock. We recommend approx 10cm of crushed rock under the cubby house.

You are welcome to pickup your goods from our Bayswater VIC workshop. You will just need to check with us what size vehicle you have to make sure that it can fit.

For deliveries we have multiple options at the checkout stage of your purchase. You can choose a local delivery or for distances further than 100km of our workshops please contact us for a quote. We use a freight agent that seeks the best rates, or we are more than happy to provide the freight measurements for you to organise your own supplier.

Our products are super easy to install and with the help of a loved one or friend you can easily knock one over in a few hours. Plus you will get ALL the DIY glory and the legendary status bestowed by your family.

Or if time, tools, and want and desire are working against you, let us sort you out. Our network of installers Australia wide are qualified to install basic cubby houses as well as complex combinations including raised cubbies. Installation costs are unique to each product and size, so if you would like installation please select this with your product on the product page.


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