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Midi Rectangle Cubby with Single Eucalyptus Post Fort Top and Ladder - with Paint and Accessories Package

Midi Rectangle Cubby - 1200 x 2400mm footprint (not including ladder). Approx 1500mm internal and 1800mm external height (not including fort top).

Inclusions on this package:

  • 1 door with stable door upgrade
  • 1 set of deluxe cafe windows with interior blackboards and extra-wide ledge
  • 1 set of standard cafe windows with ledge (please note, if your ladder is placed over this window, your closures will need to be hinged inwards or removed altogether)
  • Timber Awning/s (over any window/s not behind the ladder)
  • 2 Market Stall Boxes
  • Triangle Bunting (around three sides)
  • Planter Box
  • Framed blackboard
  • Floor (10cm step up)
  • Single fort top with base, 900mm high sides (eucalyptus handrail)
  • Ladder
  • Exterior cubby fully oiled/painted (including fascia, ledges, fort top, ladder, and accessories).