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Mud Kitchens, Benches & Workbenches

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Hand made in Australia using untreated and sustainable locally sourced materials so we tread lightly on Earth.

Built using pine or spotted gum hardwood timber to suit budgets and aesthetics of home, commercial spaces, and schools, our modular designs can be mixed and matched to create the perfect play solution.

Choose your style, materials and then choose from a selection of features and accessories.

Pickup from our Bayswater VIC workshop, or freight is calculated on your postcode at checkout. They arrive as a 'flat-pack' and require simple 5-10 minute construction with a power drill. Easy! We are here to help if you need it. Have fun and happy planning!

**Please read our tab above 'Caring For Your Product' about what to expect with your mud kitchen over time. We want to make sure your expectations are met.

The Australian climate can give timber products a bit of a beating in the outdoors, especially to horizontal surfaces like timber benches. So we build our products in 2 different materials, pine & hardwood, to provide a price point difference and suitable quality for the purpose of your use.


For high use zones such as schools, childcare centres, public spaces, and for permanent outdoor positions, we highly recommend our hardwood timber solutions for high quality and durability. We use a hardwood cladding material commonly used in outdoor decking, and just like decking, you can leave hardwood to 'grey off' to its George Clooney best, or to preserve the natural timber colour you should consider oiling them and maintaining them year on year.


For undercover (eg a verandah) or for indoor use, then the raw pine is your best bet for a more economical option. You can leave it raw and it will retain it's beauty or oil it up/paint it for another look.


If you like the painted look for an outdoor use then you can definitely choose the pine version, which will perform better outdoors if the timber is protected. Pine being a little less rigid will want to buckle in the weather if not protected by the paint.

**You do not need to purchase the hardwood version if you want a painted look. Hardwood is actually a lot harder to paint because it is less porous and will require more preparation in undercoating to ensure the paint bonds to the timber.

Don't forget!

We use high quality timber which with a sanding at anytime will breathe new life to your product. This is a purchase that will retain value!

All that is required for your bench, workbench, or kitchen is a well drained and level surface.

If you have any concerns about the drainage of the area a 10cm layer of crushed rock (super inexpensive and can be purchased in bags from your local hardware store or gardening centre) will sort it out.

You are welcome to pickup your goods from our Bayswater VIC workshop. You will just need to check with us what size vehicle you have to make sure that it can fit.

For deliveries we have multiple options at the checkout stage of your purchase. You can choose a local delivery or for distances further than 160km of our workshops please contact us for a quote. We use a freight agent that seeks the best rates, or we are more than happy to provide the freight measurements for you to organise your own supplier.

Our products are super easy to DIY install, in fact we have tested mud kitchen installation with multiple families and the general consensus is under 10 minutes! Plus you will get ALL the DIY glory and the legendary status bestowed by your family.

Like any timber product in an outside position, care and maintenance needs to be considered. Timber, like you and I, ages over time and behaves in ways you may not expect when purchasing. Rest assured all the changes are normal and when the initial ageing process is complete you can sand that baby back and get a FRESH NEW kitchen that will keep performing for many many years.

Main Points to Consider
(If you can't be bothered reading all the specific information below - But PLEASE try to)

  1. Water play is ok, but not all day
  2. Ageing (the process of 'greying off') will occur immediately
  3. Marks WILL appear
  4. Position in a well ventilated and drained position
  5. Paint your pine timber if you want it positioned in the weather
  6. Use natural decking oil on your hardwood if you want to keep the greys at bay
  7. Get the sander out to bring back to 'new'
  8. Product comes flat packed unless requested otherwise
  9. Assembly takes 5 minutes!

What to expect with timber products

So let's establish one thing, Instagram is not life and if you are planning on placing your products in the weather and then have unrealistic expectations of what timber will look like over time you are going to be disappointed. Sooooo, now we have established that let's chat about the wonderful, beautiful, and charming ways that natural timbers weather over time and get you excited about the changes to come.

What will occur - (refer below to 'Maintenance & Protection' for ways to combat or minimise natural occurrences)

  • Leeching Tannins - All timber has natural Tannins (extractives in their sap) that leech out of the timber when exposed to water. It is much more prominent in hardwood timber. These extractives are washed out of the timber by water (rain) and tend to stain the surrounding areas with an orange brown mark. This doesn't matter if the timber structure is free standing as the tannins are washed into the ground but if the structure is built next to or on top of a hard surface then the bleeding can leave marks to deal with. Spotted gum hardwood will tend to keep bleeding until it stops, how long depends on your location, rain, and general conditions. Timber cleaning solutions available from your local hardware store are good to wash the stains off with. You may have to use a scrubbing brush and some elbow grease but generally you can move the stain.
  • Leeching tannins in the nail fixings (bleeding nails) - Leeching tannins will also be concentrated escaping from the nail fixings and appear to be a bleeding black mark. This is not the nails or rust, it is the tannins.
  • Black Marks - Possibly concentrated tannins or mould. Normal.
  • Greying Off - The natural order of the universe states that we must age and in that ageing we will go grey. You, me, the dog, and the mud kitchen we've got it coming to us. If you appreciate a bit of George Clooney (like me!) then let that baby grey off and love it for all it's silvery goodness. The tannins will first leech, the colour will change and deepen and then start to turn grey. The whole process takes 12-24 months. The bleeding will fade into the colour of the whole product and in time you will have yourself a George.

What may occur - (refer below to 'Defects' for how to manage these occurrences.

  • Splitting/Cracking - Occasionally (not often) timber will split and splinter, it is an unfortunate occurrence if it does but don't be shocked that it did. Unfortunately the natural order of the Universe precludes us from predicting this when selecting our timber (so annoying Universe!). You can rest assured we do not send our product out like this and if it does occur it can be fixed. Everything can be fixed!
  • Warping - Pine timber if left unsealed/painted and placed permanently in the weather will warp, which is why we recommend it for undercover and semi permanent outdoor positions or to be painted/sealed. Hardwood perhaps supplied by our suppliers a little 'greener' (not kiln dried to perfection) may also warp.
  • Pulling apart - Warping may pull timber apart in places, it is not a regular occurrence but again can happen. It is also possible that fun loving and boisterous children have caused damage like pulling apart of accessories and door hinges (we're parents of 2 boys and we've seen it ALL!).

Maintenance & Protection

Below is some general information on providing optimal conditions for longevity and also If you would prefer to maintain the 'newer' look of your product for longer. Please remember this is a timber product and it does require maintenance and care by you to keep it in top shape

Water Play Tips - Occasional water play with a controlled water supply (bucket underneath with hand pump tap) is recommended. We do not recommend plumbing in a constant water supply source to this product. Whilst we use a high grade outdoor hardwood for our recommended outdoor mud kitchens, this is a natural product that will degrade much quicker if water is constant. So opt for a hand pump and a bucket of water instead.

Position - You can place your products on any level surface such as dirt, grass, concrete or mulch, as long as it is well drained. If you are placing in a damp position you should create a barrier - a good (cheap) solution is a 10cm crushed rock base. Positioning in a shady spot may increase instances of mould - soapy water, a scrubbing brush, and a vinegar spray will help, as will sealing your product. It might be tempting to place the mud kitchen right in the sandpit, but burying timber in wet sand is not a great idea.  

Sealing your natural timber - Whilst timber is totally fine to ‘grey off’, if you do wish to maintain the timber colour and to preserve the life please consider sealing this product. We recommend a natural non toxic decking oil which hardware stores can recommend.

Painting - Will provide exterior protection and make it look awesome (pine timber only, we do not recommend painting hardwood as it is not an ideal surface for painting). Make it part of your DIY project or have our team complete it for you.

Cleaning - Mould is an inevitable part of life but can be avoided with a good position in full sun. If that is not possible all year round you can clean mould with a simple soapy water solution and a vinegar spray to keep at bay.

Sanding - If you feel your products could use a face lift give it a sand back. They will look brand new again!

Fixing cracked timber - If your timber has cracked or split (an occurrence that can happen from time to time) then we do suggest giving the area a sand back with a proper sander. This will more often than not, fix the issue and allow the product to be used as it is intended. If the issue is causing structural damage then please refer to defects below.


If you have experienced any of the 'will occur' changes and are seeking to reverse them, then please refer to the 'Maintenance & Protection' section.

If you have experienced any other issues then please email us directly with images of the areas of concern.

How do I choose which kitchen to get??
First of all, look at where you want to position it - this will determine whether you go for hardwood or pine (see the Choosing tab). Then look at the amount of space you have to determine which size -1200mm or 1800mm or 2400mm. After that, it's all down to what you like the look of and your budget!

Are there any kitchen options that are more economical to freight interstate?
Put simply, the bigger the kitchen, the more expensive the freight will be. It is worth noting though that the Half Backboard option is always a bit less to freight than the Full Backboard so you can save yourself some $$ right there!

What do I need so that I can install - I'm not very good at DIY!
Our kitchens are probably the easiest DIY we have - and typically takes us about 5-10mins. You'll just need a power drill (we supply the drill bit and screws of course) and a mate to help you lift the heavier pieces.

I want to get a pine Play Kitchen, but can I add a camp tap like I've seen on the hardwood Mud Kitchens?
Unfortunately, no. While the pine can withstand a little exposure to water, we can't install a tap that encourages lots and lots of water play and has the potential to leave the bench exposed to pools of water for days/weeks on end!

How do I order an L Shaped Kitchen?
Send us an enquiry with the measurements of your space and a photo or two and we can advise you your best options! Our L Shapes are constructed using our standard kitchens and benches configured together to make one modular unit (minus a side panel and adding a bracket). We still work with the 1200mm and 1800mm and 2400mm sizing so there are many ways to make it work within almost any space restrictions you might have.

Can I order a painted hardwood Mud Kitchen?
We only offer a Painted Pine play kitchen. You are welcome to order the hardwood Mud Kitchen and paint it yourself but you will need to chat with the paint counter at your local hardware about the appropriate primer to use (and be aware, it can be expensive!).



Best suited for a permanent outdoor position and for high use areas such as schools and childcare. Oil up to preserve or leave to 'grey off' to its George Clooney best.

PINE - BENChes, mud kitchens & workbenches 

Best suited for undercover or indoor positions. Paint to protect for outdoor positions.

From $310

From $450

From $430


Best suited for undercover or indoor positions, although painting does give some protection to outdoor conditions.

Painted Pine Kitchens

from $650


Best suited for a permanent outdoor position and for high use areas such as schools and childcare. Oil up to preserve or leave to 'grey off' to its George Clooney best.



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