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Hand made in Australia using untreated and sustainable locally sourced materials so we tread lightly on Earth.

Built using pine or spotted gum hardwood timber to suit budgets and aesthetics of home, commercial spaces, and schools, our modular designs can be mixed and matched to create the perfect play solution.

Choose your style, materials and then choose from a selection of features and accessories.

Pickup from our Bayswater VIC or Mullumbimby NSW workshops, or freight is calculated on your postcode at checkout. If you would like installation select this with your product. Easy! We are here to help if you need it. Have fun and happy planning!

The Australian climate can give timber products a bit of a beating in the outdoors, especially to horizontal surfaces like timber benches. So we build our products in 2 different materials, pine & hardwood, to provide a price point difference and suitable quality for the purpose of your use.


For high use zones such as schools, childcare centres, public spaces, and for permanent outdoor positions, we highly recommend our hardwood timber solutions for high quality and durability. We use a hardwood cladding material commonly used in outdoor decking, and just like decking, you can leave hardwood to 'grey off' to its George Clooney best, or to preserve the natural timber colour you should consider oiling them and maintaining them year on year.


For semi permanent outdoor positions, undercover, or for indoor use, then the raw pine is your best bet for a more economical option. You can leave it raw and it will retain it's beauty or oil it up for another look.


If you like the painted look for permanent outdoor use then you can definitely choose the pine version, which will perform well outdoors if the timber is protected. Pine being a little less rigid will want to buckle in the weather if not protected by the paint.

**You do not need to purchase the hardwood version if you want a painted look. Hardwood is actually a lot harder to paint because it is less porous and will require more preparation in undercoating to ensure the paint bonds to the timber.

Don't forget!

We use high quality timber which with a sanding at anytime will breathe new life to your product. This is a purchase that will retain value!

All that is required for your bench, workbench, or kitchen is a well drained and level surface.

If you have any concerns about the drainage of the area a 10cm layer of crushed rock (super inexpensive and can be purchased in bags from your local hardware store or gardening centre) will sort it out.

You are welcome to pickup your goods from our Bayswater VIC or Mullumbimby NSW workshops. You will just need to check with us what size vehicle you have to make sure that it can fit.

For deliveries we have multiple options at the checkout stage of your purchase. You can choose a local delivery or for distances further than 160km of our workshops please contact us for a quote. We use a freight agent that seeks the best rates, or we are more than happy to provide the freight measurements for you to organise your own supplier.

Our products are super easy to DIY install, in fact we have tested mud kitchen installation with multiple families and the general consensus is under 10 minutes! Plus you will get ALL the DIY glory and the legendary status bestowed by your family.

Or if time, tools, and want and desire are working against you, let us sort you out. Our network of installers Australia wide can meet you to put together!


Best suited for a permanent outdoor position and for high use areas such as schools and childcare. Oil up to preserve or leave to 'grey off' to its George Clooney best.

From $490

From $590

From $630

PINE - BENChes, mud kitchens & workbenches 

Best suited for undercover or indoor positions if left raw, or if painted suitable for outdoor positions.  

From $310

From $450

From $430