Accessible Large Rectangle 1800 x 2400mm - Add Your Own Accessories


Build Your Own Cubby

We are proud to be a full service business that can respond to the specific needs of all children. We have worked with the special needs community to develop customised products and accessible add ons that turn our Signature Series into fully accessible cubby houses for children of all abilities.

If you require a tweak or adjustment that you do not see here, please get in touch so we can chat about how we can do better!

Large Rectangle Size - 1800 x 2400mm. Approx 1500mm internal and 1800mm external height. You will of course need to allow space for the ramp out from the door opening.

Inclusions on the basic cubby:

  • 1 widened door opening
  • 2 window openings with window ledges
  • Floor (10cm step up)
  • Ramp up to door opening
  • 2 grab rails (one at door, one interior)

On accessible cubbies we set the window ledge heights (internally) at 690mm. These can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

You may wish to install the cubby directly onto an existing decking, in which case we can remove the floor and ramp.

This is an 'open' cubby, but if you would like to add closures to the window and door openings you can do so below.

Every family is unique so we have tried to come up with modifications that you can choose to suit your needs. 

Delivery & Installation

Our products are SUPER easy to DIY! Your options for receiving your goods are:

  1. Pick up from our workshop in Melbourne (Bayswater) & live the DIY glory - choose option at checkout.
  2. Freight to your door - costs worked at out checkout.
  3. Freight to your door & installation by our team (choose installation below and freight costs worked out at checkout).

Steps to Purchase

  1. Add your chosen accessories and upgrades via the menu below.
  2. Choose your layout via the drop down.
  3. Check the installation box if you would like us to do it for you, freight will be worked out at the checkout based on your postcode
  4. Add any other complementary products such as furniture from our site and head to the cart to purchase. EASY!

Make your selections below and if you need any help please call us on 1300 505 278. 

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