Large Rectangle Cubby with Extended Verandah Roof (Front or Wraparound)


Our extended verandah and decking packages create an extended play area while sheltering your children from the sun or rain! 

Large Rectangle Cubby Size - 1800 x 2400mm. Approx 1500mm internal and 1800mm external height. 

Total footprint with extended decking and verandah on the Front Only is 2400 x 3000mm.

Total footprint with Wraparound extended decking and verandah is 3600 x 3000mm.

Please note: The prices shown are for decking/verandah UP TO 1200mm in depth, but if you require it to be narrower (eg to fit into your specific space) let us know in the notes at checkout - we are happy to trim down your decking and roof panels to suit!

Inclusions in this package:

  • Large Rectangle cubby house
  • 1 full door
  • 1 set of deluxe cafe windows with interior blackboards and extra-wide ledge
  • 1 set of standard cafe windows with ledge
  • Floor (10cm step up)
  • Extended decking area, front or wraparound depending on selection (sits flush with floor)
  • Extended verandah roof front or wraparound depending on selection, with pine batten supports


Raw Accessories Package includes:

  • Stable door upgrade
  • 2 Timber Awnings
  • 2 Market Stall Boxes
  • Triangle Bunting (around three sides)
  • Planter Box
  • Framed Blackboard

Painting and Accessories Package includes:

  • Cubby fully painted (including verandah fascia and window ledges).
  • All the accessories listed above, painted.
  • Decking and support posts clear stained/oiled.

You can have your fascia and window ledges the same colour as the body, or in a contrast colour to match your accessories. Just pop a message to us in the notes when you place your order.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are a school or commercial space, please contact us for a quote, and we will talk you through the ways our 'high traffic' product differs from our domestic.

    Delivery & Installation

    Our products are SUPER easy to DIY! Your options for receiving your goods are:

    1. Pick up from our workshop in Melbourne (Bayswater) & live the DIY glory - choose option at checkout.
    2. Freight to your door - costs worked at out checkout.
    3. Freight to your door & installation by our team (choose installation below and freight costs worked out at checkout).

    Steps to Purchase

    1. Select your verandah and package option via the dropdown below.
    2. Add your chosen accessories and upgrades via the checkboxes below.
    3. Choose your cubby/verandah orientation via the checkboxes.
    4. Check the installation box if you would like us to do it for you, freight will be worked out at the checkout based on your postcode
    5. Add any other complementary products such as furniture from our site and head to the cart to purchase. EASY!

    Make your selections below and if you need any help please call us on 1300 505 278. 

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