Cubby Houses

Kids Cubby Houses for Sale Australia Wide and for Hire in Melbourne, Australia

If you’re looking for the perfect cubby house for your children, look no further than our range of cubbies – each gives your children a world for exploration and creativity, expanding their mind and letting them engage in imaginative play. We create cubby houses that all families in Melbourne can love – they’ll look great in your backyard and gives the kids their very own space.

Kids cubbies built from the best materials

Our cubbies are built around a solid ethos of being good to the environment – each little explorer wants to grow up in a world that has been preserved just for them. We want to help our next generation experience the natural environment in all its glory.

Each one is constructed from timber that is completely recycled, locally sourced, and left untreated. Letting the little ones experience their house as close to its natural state is important to us – we want children to forge a connection to the environment from when they are young so, as they grow, they will feel the passion to protect it.

No two cubby houses are the same – as we used recycled materials, each is made unique with stamps from the fruit crates, knots in the wood and dents in the design. They’re full of character and beautiful to explore.

How do I organise for installation?

We will handle the installation for you in your backyard in Australia. We also handle any minor preparation, including cutting back tree branches.

Each of our kids cubbies can be installed on any surface, so long as it can be flattened or levelled.

You can ask us for installation throughout Australia – although we live in Melbourne, we travel through the country. Each is available for hire or for sale, depending on your needs.

Our kid’s cubby story

When we had our little son, we turned our love for foraging and repurposing into something more valuable – using things we found in the world around us to create imaginative spaces for him. We saw how much fun Jethro had in his cubby house made from recycled apple crates, playing in his sand pit and digging up some fresh vegetables. He loved the accessories we appended just as much as the actual home!

We dearly wanted other kids to have the same immersive experience – for them to forage in their gardens and poke around their own miniature home.