Extended Verandah Style Cubby Houses

Signature Cubby Houses - Extended Verandah

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NOTE: all prices are DIY and do not include installation or delivery. You can add installation via the drop down if you are in our installation zone, and request a freight quote at checkout.


A cubby house with a kid installed beside a lake


Smartly invest in our premium sizes, weights, and materials. Buy once & buy well for childhood, sustainability & versatility or resale.

A kid closing a door of a black and pink painted cubby house


Crafted from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials, hand-made with care. Simply the best choice for little ones and the planet.

A boy sliding down a slide at a cubby house


Experience our premium services: painting, delivery, installation, maintenance, and relocation for optimal investment care.

A flat roof cubby house with a family


We take pride in collecting and refurbishing cherished Castle & Cubby houses, providing them to children's services with love.

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