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Choosing a cubby house

Welcome! Let us guide you through the cubby house decision making process step-by-step. We hope you find what you're looking for - and if you need our help, please get in touch!


Plan the position

The dark back corner of your yard might feel like a good use of dead space, but it's usually not so enticing to kids. A sunny spot close to the home where they can get your attention is a winner.

Consider the weather

If you have the choice, a sunny position in VIC will be better than a shady damp spot. But in QLD shade might be your saviour. Plan for the weather in your location for fun and longevity.

Love thy neighbour

If your cubby is under 2.4m high you can go wild and put it wherever. If you add a fort top, a screaming kid and a birds eye view into your neighbours home, you might have issues.



Measure your space

The first step to understanding what is achievable is measuring your space and deciding what area you're prepared to give over to the play. Grab length x width in cm or mm, and don't forget the height! Also consider the following: 

Play will extend beyond the cubby. Be sure to consider the space the cubby will take up, and allow a little extra for swinging doors, windows, play swords, capes, fire hoses... you know the drill. Ventilation. You'll want some good air flow around your cubby, so be sure to include around 20cm off the fence. This will allow rain water to drain off the back and enough air flow to dry out.


Consider your budget

'What's your budget?' is often one of the first questions we ask when quoting as it will determine our future recommendations on size, extra features, DIY or full service. You can spend a lot and get something perfect, likewise you can spend a little and get something that's perfect for you!


Consider your family dynamics

Inevitably, our next question is 'what are your kids like?' Are they the quiet reading types, the adventurous, climbing types - or somewhere in between? Chances are, if you have more than one their personalities will be vastly different, so consider features that everyone will benefit from, or have multiple uses; a reading nook that can become a watch-tower.


Get the kids involved

If you're not planning a surprise, then we recommend getting the kids involved! They can help measure, budget and choose their features, plus if you DIY they can get involved in the building too. I can't tell you how many sketches we've been sent by budding designers outlining all their wishes, from fireman poles to secret tunnels, they love the process!


DIY vs Installation

We've designed our products to be super easy to put together yourself - with a little planning and time you can get the DIY glory and be the hero in their eyes! Or, we understand life can get BUSY, so allow our team of heroes to do it for you (you'll still get the glory, don't worry!)


Buy for love not guilt

If your space or budget are limited, no worries. Know the kids will LOVE whatever play space you provide, big or small..

We can move you

Our network of installers will dismantle and reassemble your cubby so you can keep making memories in your new backyard.

Extend and renovate

Growing family, kids getting older? We can extend your cubby to add space, levels and even more fun!

Add to it over time

You can build a fully-interactive space over time, as a lot of our accessories can easily be added later.

Family Contributions

Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and friends are all clients of ours. They LOVE contributing! Kindly ask them to chip in for a voucher to help create your cubby.

Custom & Accessible

We can customise designs to accomodate all of your grand plans, and our accessible add-ons ensure ALL kids can get involved.


Signature Range

Budget: From $950 - $2900

Best suited for: People after a classic cubby house, which you can add elements and personality to over time.

Features: 6 different sizes, flat or pitched roof, painting and accessories packages

Add on options: Extended verandah to extend shade and play zone. Add fort tops, slides and ladders for extra fun.

Themed Cubbies

Budget: From $1950

Best suited for: Quirky, fun loving, unique families with a sense of humour.

Features: Unique designs including everything from the milk bar to the police station, fire station and vet.

Fort Tops

Budget: $1650 - $3600

Best suited for: Renters, budget conscious, courtyards

Products: Signature Range Cubbies - Little Square, Little Rectangle & Midi Rectangle.

Black Barn

Budget: $2900 +

Best suited for: People seeking a larger space with an option to convert to other functions at a later date.

Features: Designer style mini black barn, black roof, laserlight, gas strut window, barn door

Mini Zimi

Budget: $4200 +

Best suited for: People seeking a larger space with an option to convert to other functions at a later date.

Features: Designer style beach shack barn door, bi fold windows, awning

Temple Farmhouse

Budget: $3350 +

Best suited for: People seeking a larger space with an option to convert to other functions at a later date. Perfect teenage retreat.

Features: Designer style farmhouse style, pine and hardwood options, barn sliding window, open skillion roof (can enclose)


Budget: $5200 +

Best Suited to: People seeking unique designs, larger spaces, convertible spaces, teenage retreat.

Features: Perspex windows, gas strut opening side wall

Custom Design

Budget: $5000 +

Best Suited to: People seeking unique designs

Speak with us about our design services


Budget: $3500+

Best Suited for: Home owners, small or large spaces, small or large families

Features: Raised, ladders and handrails. Add a slide, trapdoor, climbing walls.