Wooden Cubby Houses create Imaginative Play-based Learning Villages for Schools & ELC

The power of imagination play for kids lies in its ability to foster creativity, problem-solving skills, and cognitive development as they engage in open-ended and unstructured play, allowing them to explore and make sense of the world around them.

Themed Cubby Houses

Themed Cubby House for inspiring your kids to learn from imagination play!
A bright white painted cafe cubby house with stained timber accents and chalkboard artwork in a school yard
A green bakery cubby house in a school yard with chalkboard and timber accessories
Themed cubby houses designed for children's imagination play
A grey painted wooden cubby house with red and white trims in a school play ground
A red and white painted wooden cubby house styled as a post office in an education village play space
A painted wooden hospital themed cubby house with red cross sign
A green painted wooden burger shop cubby house in a school playground
A retro styled milk bar cubby house in a park area
A bright yellow aqua and pink ice cream shop cubby house in a school playground
A navy, white, and blue painted wooden cubby house for schools and education