Styling the inside of your cubby house

Setting up the inside of your cubby is not only hugely satisfying it is the key to a successful cubby house. Placing personal belongings, soft furnishings, books, activities and places to display and store them will keep them entertained and proudly using their cubby house year round.

Parents have figured out the trick to keeping toys inside exciting is to swap them over from time to time, not having seen a toy for 3-6 months is like Christmas again - The cubby house is no different!

We ave listed our top tips for styling your cubby house on the inside below and if you think of anything let us know!


The number one thing you can decorate your cubby with is TOYS because the right toys will bring the space alive and ensure hours of play!

Toys can be store bought, garage sale or op shop bought, in fact really the kids will not be fussy on this as long as there are some essential items. Our top toys for full imaginative cubby house play are:

  1. Cash register for selling
  2. Phone for answering calls
  3. Felt fruit and vegetables and other food items for cooking and selling
  4. Cooking utensils, pots , pans, teapots etc (to go with an internal kitchen)
  5. Handyman tools (for an internal workbench)
  6. Dress Ups (and a storage box to go with it)
  7. Chalk for writing up the specials
  8. Plates and cups for serving food

Internal Kitchen or workbench

You might be inclined to think that adding a kitchen might take up too much space in your cubby - whilst it will take up space it will be the space that gets used most. Every event we have set up at, the cubby with the kitchen/workbench is the one the kids are drawn to.

We sell internal kitchen benches, stovetop components, sinks and ovens for underneath. Grab then bench only for a workbench or add the kitchen components to transform it. With a bit of space to the side and underneath, a chair will easily fit here for a session of arts and crafts. Offload the old kitchen utensils and sit back and enjoy the gourmet offerings coming from your cubby.


Shelving is almost an essential for inside your cubby, to display cute personal belongings, but also for easy access to the books, toys and activities that will get your kids running to the cubby every day.

We sell wooden shelves to match your cubby house or hunt down a favourite design.

Tables and Seating

A chair and a place to sit will once again extend the hours of play, and coming from a tall mum that has spent hours inside cubby houses, a chair and a place to lean is a welcome refuse for a weary mum on her 10th cup of pretend tea.

A space for arts and craft, sitting with their friends or curling up and reading a book. We build tables, stools, and storage boxes that double as seating solutions and all you need to do is add a few old cushions and old rug and voila!

Blackboards & Writing Boards

We include as standard on all of our Signature cubby houses 2 blackboards on the inside of the internal cafe windows, made from plywood to withstand weather they are good blackboards but not super smooth for constant drawing and redrawing.

Blackboards inside your cubby house will provide a super smooth surface for never ending drawing. You can pickup a cheap blackboard from main retailers like Officeworks or a fabulous metal board like the one pictured from ...

Homely Pieces

The kids want a home to call their own! Give them a few extra pieces that will sing home is where the heart is. A door mat, there are soooo many to choose from, hanging plants, a little light, some things from around your home. Their urge to mimic mum and dad will be so satiated.

Hang Artwork

Hang artwork everywhere! Hang their own art pieces, a fabric banner, bought artwork, or collected cool pieces form the op shop, they will LOVE it. Just remember though a cubby is not a moisture proof environment, so expect paper items to curl up a little and perhaps don't go to expensive on these items. Also NO glass!

Lining the walls

Adding plywood to the internal walls of your cubby can act as additional insulation and a nice smooth surface to paint a cool mural or to hang your artwork.

Our favourite thing to do!

We have over 7 years in this game and over all the years this is still our favourite thing to do....

Bring our teddy bears out for a teddy bear picnic, bring books, a picnic rug and snacks and set up our space for a a few hours of play. Go between the cubby, the rug, the books the snacks. You will have hours of fun connecting with your kids in ways that you often forget to do or have little time to do.


Kel x