Wooden Treehouses

A Wooden Treehouse is the stuff of childhood dreams. A magical space for children to escape to and lose themselves in their imagination. A space to host friends, to share secrets, gain independance and a little space to call their own.


Our Treehouses are designed so that they can either be placed in a suitable tree, anchored at some points to a tree with additional posts for support or to be placed next to trees with 4 concreted post supports for that treehouse feeling.

Built using quality Australian sustainable timbers and to high Australian building and playsafe standards, our treehouses are built to last a childhood and beyond! With optional extras like slides, climbing walls, sandpits and even a hatch with rope for secret entries, a treehouse will capture their imaginations and create memories that will last them a lifetime.

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Connecting With Nature

Treehouses are more than just whimsical structures perched among the branches; they are gateways to exploration and imagination. As children climb up into the treetops, they leave behind the confines of home and school and embrace the natural world around them. Surrounded by leaves rustling in the breeze and birdsong filling the air, they embark on a journey of discovery and wonder.

Treehouses encourage kids to observe the beauty of nature up close leading to an appreciation for the world outside their windows. Appreciation for nature is at the heart of what we do here at Castle and Cubby. The natural beauty of timber sourced sustainably is absolutely our jam!

Read more about our sustainability goals in our Sustainability Statement 


A cubby house with a kid installed beside a lake


Smartly invest in our premium sizes, weights, and materials. Buy once & buy well for childhood, sustainability & versatility or resale.

A kid closing a door of a black and pink painted cubby house


Crafted from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials, hand-made with care. Simply the best choice for little ones and the planet.

A boy sliding down a slide at a cubby house


Experience our premium services: painting, delivery, installation, maintenance, and relocation for optimal investment care.

A flat roof cubby house with a family


We take pride in collecting and refurbishing cherished Castle & Cubby houses, providing them to children's services with love.

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