Frequently Asked Questions About Cubbies

How do I decide which cubby to get? Where do I start?
It all starts with assessing how much space you want to devote, and your budget! Measure up your space, and you can use the product filters (footprint and price) to narrow down your options. You can also check out our handy guide HERE, which outlines other things to consider.

What surface can I install my cubby house on?
You can install a cubby house on most surfaces as long as it is well drained. We recommend as best practice to have a 10cm barrier of crushed rock underneath to not only provide a self draining surface but to also provide a very level surface. Refer to our INFORM tab for our guides on the types of surfaces and preparation techniques. You can find our Preparing and Caring guide HERE.

Can I pick up my cubby in my car?
None of our cubbies fit in cars. You will need a ute at minimum, or trailer, van or box truck.

Which cubbies are best for DIY installers?
Our Signature Series cubbies are designed with family projects in mind - they are our simplest DIY! Our premium cubbies and platforms/treehouses are a little more complex, but if you are reasonably handy you won't have an issue. Read more about the DIY process HERE.

Are the cubbies waterproof?
Our cubbies are not sealed - and we don't want them to be! Airflow is extremely important as moisture will always find a way in, and without airflow this can lead to mould. So while there are some small gaps at the window and door, and under the roof to allow airflow, rain very rarely finds it's way in (unless you have very specifically angled torrential rain!). You can certainly store your cubby toys inside without concern.

My kids are really tall - can you make the cubby taller?
We do offer a 30cm height extension on our Signature Cubbies for a fee (enquire for more details). Our standard internal height is 1500mm (although the roof slopes so it is 1600mm at the taller end) which is often ample height for most cubby-age kids. With additional height we also adjust the door height and window placement to keep it all in proportion, so this can make the window ledges unsuitable for younger kids.

Can I add another window?
Yes! This is not an option online as we like to chat with you about it first, but we can indeed add more windows if you like. Just leave us a message in the Notes section when you place your order, and we will send your edited order back to you to make the additional payment.

Can I add a skylight?
We can upgrade one of your roof panels to a clear panel for $60. Just leave us a message in the Notes section when you place your order, and we will send your edited order back to you to make the additional payment.

I want to add decking around my cubby, how can I do this?
You can order our decking panels via the External Cubby Accessories page in the dropdown menu. There are some guidelines to help you work out the panels you require and quantities. You can then add to your cart from this page. Send an enquiry if you need some help with your calculations!

I can see some recycled timber cubbies and accessories on your Instagram, can I request that?
We no longer use the recycled orchard crates that started our Castle and Cubby journey - they are essentially in very short supply these days! You can however leave your cubby raw for a period to weather and grey off, then when it reaches the stage/age you like you can seal it with clear oil to preserve and protect.

Can I have you paint my cubby in a particular colour to match my house?
We have stock colours that you can choose from post purchase. If you would like a particular colour ordered in, we charge a special order fee of $50 (per colour) - give us the colour name/code in the Notes section at checkout and we will return your order with the fee added for additional payment.

I want to paint my cubby myself, what products do you recommend?
We use Tint exterior paint, however you can use any exterior paint that you can find readily available at your local hardware. You can also use a decking oil or tinted stain for a natural timber look, while protecting the cubby for years to come.

Can I have an extended verandah on a pitched roof cubby?
No, we can only do an extended verandah on our flat roof cubby houses.

I want to keep my cubby within budget, what are the best ways to save some cash?
The two best things you can do to keep costs down are to DIY install and to DIY paint! Both require more time than skill, and can be a fun way to include the whole family in the build.

Frequently Asked Questions About Play Stations (Kitchens and Workbenches)

How do I choose which kitchen to get??
First of all, look at where you want to position it - this will determine whether you go for hardwood (permanent outdoor) or pine (undercover or indoor). Then measure up the amount of space you have to determine which size -1200mm or 1800mm or 2400mm wide. After that, it's all down to what you like the look of and your budget! You can use the filters on the Play Stations page to narrow down your options.

What do I need so that I can install - I'm not very good at DIY!
Our kitchens are probably the easiest DIY we have - and typically takes us about 5-10mins. You'll just need a power drill (we supply the drill bit and screws of course) and a mate to help you lift the heavier pieces. Read more about the DIY process HERE.

Can I order a painted hardwood Mud Kitchen?
We only offer a Painted Pine play kitchen. You are welcome to order the hardwood Mud Kitchen and paint it yourself but you will need to chat with the paint counter at your local hardware about the appropriate primer to use (and be aware, it can be expensive!).

Can I pick up my kitchen in a car?
Most of the small kitchens (1200mm wide) will fit into a car with seats down - the largest panel would be a Full Back backing board at 1200 x 1100mm (if you choose that option - Half Back is the way to go for smaller vehicles!). Medium and Large Kitchens are longer pieces but can often we tetris'd into a car if you select a Half Back option (the largest panels would be 1800/2400 by 600mm).