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DIY Installation

When the kids see a 'pile of wood' arrive, this is your opportunity to take all the cubby glory! To DIY or not to DIY, that is the question?

We have specifically designed our cubby houses to be a pretty easy DIY, and similarly we have had our instructions designed to be easy to read and follow. After reviewing the instructions, preparing the area and planning it out, the home handyman will find most of them pretty easy and a novice may be slightly challenged but will enjoy the process.

All of our products are able to be DIY'd, even our treehouses! Although the novice might want to leave an install of these to Castle and Cubby or a qualified person due to the concreting of support posts.

We have included below the steps for a successful DIY project and an inspirational video that might help make up your mind!


Planning the location of your cubby is not only fun but an important step to ensure the kids will use it, and that it lasts a long time. Please consider these points.

Plan the position

The dark back corner of your yard might feel like a good use of dead space, but it's usually not so enticing to kids. A sunny spot close to the home where they can get your attention is a winner.

Consider the weather

If you have the choice, a sunny position in VIC will be better than a shady damp spot. But in QLD shade might be your saviour. Plan for the weather in your location for fun and longevity.

Love thy neighbour

If your cubby is under 2.4m high you can go wild and put it wherever. If you add a fort top, a screaming kid and a birds eye view into your neighbours home, you might have issues.


A little bit of prep will go a LONG way to ensuring a successful DIY job and save you headaches along the way.

Level the ground

A level ground ensures the moving doors and windows will stay in position, the cubby is properly supported and will go together easily.

Check drainage

The perfect surface for drainage is crushed rock (10cm deep), and existing concrete pad or a decking, or just ensure the spot is not prone to excess moisture. Dry = long life.

Clear the space

Trim branches and bushes and do a general tidy up. Don't forget to look up and prepare area around the whole cubby.

Review the instructions

You will receive your DIY instructions just before your goods have left our workshop, giving you enough time to review so you are up to speed come build day.

Ask for Help

For moving the pieces into place, holding them while you drill, sense checking you along the way and being there to celebrate at the end, asking for help is a great idea!

Set date and time aside?

Installation time can vary wildly depending on size and complexity. Your instructions will give you an estimated time to set aside, so you just need to pick your date.



If your ground needs levelling and you are placing a layer of crushed rock underneath then you will need a shovel and a little bit of elbow grease.

Spirit Level

You do need a level ground to ensure the cubby is well supported, to ensure it goes together easily and that the doors and windows do not want to always stay open or shut. So you may need a spirit level to check that you got your ground perfectly level.

Gardening Tools

You may need to clear away some garden around the cubby house to make the play area less prickly. You may need some basic gardening tools to do the job.

Power Drill

We provide the screw driver heads you will need for the different screws we provide, you just need a corded or cordless power drill to do the job.

Painting Tools

Are you painting, sealing or staining your cubby house? If so you will need all the right tools like brushes, rollers and drop sheets. Best idea is the paint the pieces before they go together so you won't have to cut in.

A Celebration Buddy

When a tree falls in the woods... You do not want to be standing there at the end with no-one to pat you on the back. Ensure you have a celebration buddy, because the glory is real!