Mud Kitchens

Unleash the potential of play-based learning with a kids' mud kitchen. Let them explore nature, get their hands dirty, and engage in imaginative cooking and problem-solving. It's a magical journey of growth, collaboration, and discovery.
Experience the transformative power of a mud kitchen today!

Pretend Play

Pretend play is already recognised as an incredible tool for learning and growth, and we have made it our mission to facilitate this style of learning through the way we approach the designs of our cubby houses. We have prioritised creating safe and sustainable learning environments that kids can explore and enjoy to the fullest.

By incorporating elements of nature into our handmade designs, we are able to offer children an immersive and interactive experience that other forms of learning don't. This creates an opportunity for them to learn skills for themselves instead of them just being told about them. All while having them stay connected with the nature around them.

Pretend Play

We're passionate about the incredible benefits of pretend play for the development of social, emotional and cognitive skills in kids. Our Mud Kitchens create an inspiring, safe & sustainable environment where kids can fully immerse themselves in mimicking the wolrd they see around them. What sets us apart? We integrate nature, thoughtful design and high quality outcomes to create products that last a childhood and beyond.


A cubby house with a kid installed beside a lake


Smartly invest in our premium sizes, weights, and materials. Buy once & buy well for childhood, sustainability & versatility or resale.

A kid closing a door of a black and pink painted cubby house


Crafted from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials, hand-made with care. Simply the best choice for little ones and the planet.

A boy sliding down a slide at a cubby house


Experience our premium services: painting, delivery, installation, maintenance, and relocation for optimal investment care.

A flat roof cubby house with a family


We take pride in collecting and refurbishing cherished Castle & Cubby houses, providing them to children's services with love.

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