Our Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values

Our Purpose
Our purpose is to build people's dreams of creating genuine connections and learning through play and imagination. We do it for families and kids of ALL abilities so that they can thrive and we do it consciously for the earth so that she can survive.

Our Vision
Enhance curiosity between people and spaces to create genuine connections.

Our Mission
To create building experiences and unique spaces that encourage discovery and exploration. Through our environmentally conscious, design-focused, and educational approach, we spark imagination and create environments that allow genuine connection and memories to last a lifetime.

Our Values

We are accountable for the results of our actions and inactions, and the impact they have on others.

We are honest with ourselves and with others, we follow our values, we treat people with respect, and our words, actions and values are consistent with one another.

Customer Focused
We keep the happiness, the connection, and the success of our client community as the focus of all we do, treating all internal and external clients with respect. We aim to make raving fans of every client.

We set ourselves apart by focusing on ingenuity, design, and imagination. We buck trends and provide alternatives to the mainstream.

We take the initiative to bring about positive results. We find clever ways to overcome difficulties in an efficient and effective way. We ask for help from each other and outside of the business.

We give back - Both via direct donations of time and materials and by engaging our clients to join our efforts.

Consciously Created
We think deeply about our products and processes and the impact we have on the earth. Every action and decision we make is underpinned by our consideration for our footprint and the legacy we leave our children.