Playsafe Standards

 At Castle and Cubby, we're all about the essentials: Quality, Longevity, Sustainability, FUN of course, and a bit of Good Looks, too! When it comes to safety though, we don't kid around!

Below are the Safety Standards that we adhere to when designing and installing our products. Please check these out with care as you may need to adhere to these standards in your own space if you are installing our products yourself. **Please note only commercial venues and education settings are required to legally adhere to these standards, in a residential setting this is a guide only.

Please pardon our dust, as we're still busy adding more info to help you make the best choices for your little ones. Stay tuned for updates and a safer, more playful future! The BIG Kids at Castle & Cubby

Falling and Free Space (Fall Zones)

General information only, for exact requirements refer to Specific Product Info Sheets available by request or the relevant
Australian Standards (AS 4685.0:2017, AS 4685.1-6:2021, AS 4685.11:2014 and AS 4422:2016)

All commercial play equipment with a Free Hight of Fall above 600mm must adhere to Impact attenuating surfacing tested in accordance with AS 4422:2016. Bellow are some general guidelines around how Impact Areas, Falling Space and Free Space are determined.


Impact Area - Area that can be hit by a user after falling
through the falling space. (Previously known as Fall Zone)

Falling Space - Space in, on or around the equipment that
can be passed through by a user falling from the equipment.

Free Space - Space in, on or around the equipment that can
be occupied by a user undergoing a movement forced by the
equipment (e.g. sliding, swinging, rocking). Generally 1m for
sitting and standing; and 0.5m for hanging.


The Impact Area extends horizontally out from play equipment at ground level, how far the the area extends is generally determined by the accessible height of the equipment as shown bellow. Impact Areas of different pieces of equipment may overlap with the exception of where “forced Movement” is involved such as in the case of Slides or Swings.

Some equipment carry specific Impact Area, Falling Space and Free Space requirements based on movement such as Slides, Swings, Carousels etc. Refer to AS 4685 for more information.

Common Height Impact Area Requirements

  • 600mm to 1500mm High - 1500mm
  • 1600mm High - 1600mm
  • 1800mm High - 1700mm (Maximum Height for SELCs)
  • 2100mm High - 1900mm