Cubby Houses

Outdoor Wooden Cubby Houses

Imaginative play is the essential tool through which children discover and make sense of the world around them. Our wooden cubby houses offer large, secure, nurturing, and inspiring environments for them to unleash their imaginations - and they look good in your back yard too. This is the stuff childhood dreams are made of!

Outdoor Wooden Cubby Houses

Imagination play is crucial for early childhood development. Timber Cubby Houses provide the perfect environment for developing socialisation & language skills and their imaginations, for thinking outside the box now and into their future.

Choose Your Cubby House Range

Choose between Commercial or Residential Cubby Houses below! The difference? We build our commercial cubby houses to a higher grade including additional reinforcement, stainless steel screws, puttying of screw holes, 3 coats of paint instead of 2 plus a few extra attachment upgrades to suit hundreds of kids, not just a few in the backyard.

COMMERCIAL - Cubby Houses best suited for schools, ELCs and public spaces. 

Commercial Cubby Houses

Built for Primary Schools, Childcare & Early Learning and Commercial Venues our commercial range of cubby houses are built to high Australian Playsafe standards and to endure high traffic use. With a huge range of sizes and styles, including open styles for higher visibility you are sure to find a cubby house that suits your needs!

Cubby Houses

Allowing children to dress up as their favourite profession and be collaborative with others.

Cubby Houses

Offering the basics you would expect, giving children an environment to express themselves through play.

Food Truck

From cooking up delicious meals to serving enthusiastic customers, this pretend play experience will spark creativity and nurture social skills.

Open Cubby Houses

Letting the surroundings be fully absorbed, making the cubby house an extension of their playing environment.

A-Frame Cubby Houses

Providing a more casual everyday use environment that can be used as a cosy nook.

Teepee Cubby Houses

These smaller learning spaces are great for children who want to connect closely with others, or just have some alone time.


Attach a slide and make this the central hub of fun for children.

Commercial Stories

St Finbarr's Primary School Community Project

Castle and Cubby chat with Tim Bleakley, Principal of St Finbarr's Primary School, Byron Bay about their brand new Tiny Town design.

St Joseph's Primary School Malvern - Play Based Learning Space

Castle and Cubby recently completed a beautiful play-based learning space for St Joseph's Primary School in Malvern Victoria.

Belgrave South Primary - A Cubby House Village, Sponsored by the Village

Sponsored by their local businesses, this Cubby House Village including the Cafe & IGA is bringing play and learning to the Belgrave South Primary.

RESIDENTIAL - Cubby Houses best suited for family backyards & courtyards.

Residential Cubby Houses

Built to last a childhood and beyond, our residential range of cubby houses are perfect for courtyards & little and big backyards. Choose from our Signature range for a huge selection of sizes and accessory options, or our premium range for larger sizes that would suit multi-purposes after their cubby days are done.  

Flat Roof

Pitched Roof

Signature Extended Verandah

Fort Top

Mini Mister

The Barn


Temple Farmhouse



The Lakeside Cubby Package

The Wilde & Blue Cubby Package

Family Stories

A cubby house play date with Antipoda & Co

Tania from loved sustainable children's brand Antipoda Co purchased a cubby house from Castle & Cubby after discovering our sustainble approach to children's play and identifying with our nature-based ethos.

A baby and a dog looking outside through cubby house's window

The Adventures of Wilde & Blue

We LOVE adventures and in this story you're going to meet one of the cutest duo's we've EVER seen.

A fort top cubby house installed at a garden setting.

Natural play with Ben Hutchinson landscaping

We had the joy of working with Ben and his family on their custom Fort Top Cubby with a deep passion for our rugged landscapes, native plants and designing natural garden spaces.


A cubby house with a kid installed beside a lake

Smartly invest in our premium sizes, weights, and materials. Buy once & buy well for childhood, sustainability & versatility or resale.

A kid closing a door of a black and pink painted cubby house

Crafted from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials, hand-made with care. Simply the best choice for little ones and the planet.

A boy sliding down a slide at a cubby house

Experience our premium services: painting, delivery, installation, maintenance, and relocation for optimal investment care.

A flat roof cubby house with a family

We take pride in collecting and refurbishing cherished Castle & Cubby houses, providing them to children's services with love.

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