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Our Story

We are Kellie, Jonathan, Jethro and Shepard Stones and this is our family business.

Jon and I both have really varied backgrounds in photography, landscaping, carpentry, sales, and marketing. Jon was even a chef for a top Melbourne restaurant!

Together we have a passion for curating and sourcing items that ooze character and style and it was these shared interests that led us to create an inspiring and individual play space for our first son all those years ago. Positive feedback, our child’s response, and the joy of this adventure led to an idea.

So we started Castle and Cubby, the business of creating timeless things from sustainable products for little people with BIG imaginations (and parents and businesses with great taste). Since 2013, we have been creating and building outdoor play spaces for families, schools and business across Australia.

Sustainable is, for us, the only way to go, to encourage not only our children’s creativity and imagination but to set them on the right path towards a lifelong appreciation of these materials and values. 

We are a little family in a huge world following our dreams.