Sensory Play Tables

Outdoor Sensory Play Tables for Primary Schools and Early Learning Centres. Made in Australia by Castle & Cubby.
A young girl smiling and drawing on a wooden chalkboard table
A timber arts and crafts table in an early learning centre yard

Explore Castle & Cubby's Range of Sensory Play Tables

Welcome to our exclusive collection of Sensory Play Tables, expertly designed to support and enhance outdoor learning environments at early learning centres and primary schools across Australia. Our tables are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and sustainability for year-round use outdoors.

Durable, Educational, and Creative Outdoor Solutions

Our range includes:

  • Loose Parts Tables: Ideal for sorting natural items, these tables encourage children to explore, categorise, and interact with a variety of textures and shapes. This enhances fine motor skills and cognitive development while providing a tactile experience that is essential for young learners.
  • Drawing Tables: Featuring a chalkboard surface, these tables are perfect for drawing and art sessions, allowing children to express their creativity freely. The chalkboard finish provides a reusable and easy-to-clean surface ideal for everyday play.
  • Arts and Crafts Tables: With a robust white surface, these tables serve as a multipurpose area suitable for various activities, including painting, crafting, and writing. They are designed to be easy to clean, accommodating the messy joys of creative play.

Built to Last

Each Sensory Play Table is constructed from durable materials designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, making them perfect for any outdoor play area. Their robust nature does not compromise their aesthetic appeal but instead adds sophistication and functionality to schoolyards and play spaces.

The Benefits of Sensory Play

Engaging with our Sensory Play Tables offers significant educational benefits:

  • Sensory Development: Essential for young children, sensory play helps them explore and learn through touch, sight, and manipulation.
  • Cognitive Growth: Interactions with diverse materials and shapes teach various concepts such as volume and cause and effect, enhancing cognitive flexibility and problem-solving skills.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Manipulating small parts and using art tools can improve dexterity and hand-eye coordination.
  • Creativity and Expression: These tables provide endless opportunities for creative expression, crucial for emotional and artistic development.

Ideal for Educational Settings

Specifically designed for educational environments, our Sensory Play Tables integrate seamlessly into curriculum activities to enrich learning through play. They promote collaborative play among children, fostering social skills and inclusivity in a stimulating play setting.

Explore our collection today and discover the perfect Sensory Play Table to enrich your educational space, providing children with invaluable skills and the joy of learning through sensory exploration.