Signature Cubby Houses - For Families

A signature cubby houses for families and backyard fun for kids
A painted wooden cubby house with a flat roof in a backyard under a big leafy tree
A child plays inside a beautiful white and timber pitched roof cubby house
A wooden cubby house with a front porch verandah in dappled sunlight in a leafy garden
A boy relaxes in a painted wooden cubby house with verandah roof
A painted wooden fort top cubby perched on a deck in a beautiful garden
Castle Cubby Painted Timber Cubby House Verandah Roof Decking Accessories



Welcome to our premier collection of Signature Wooden Cubby Houses, meticulously designed to inspire and captivate the imaginations of children across Australia. Crafted from 100% non-toxic, sustainable Australian timber, our cubby houses are not only safe but built to last a childhood and beyond.

Durable, Safe, and Imaginative Outdoor Play Spaces

Our range includes:

  • Flat Roof and Pitched Roof Models: Choose the classic elegance of a flat roof or the charming peak of a pitched roof, both offering a unique style and structure.
  • Fort Top with Accessories: This adventurous option comes with a slide and ladder, perfect for active play and imaginative escapades.
  • Extended Verandah for Extra Shade: Ideal for both sunny and rainy days, extending the possibilities for indoor/outdoor play.

Features of Our Cubby Houses:

  • Customisable Heights: Available in two heights to accommodate different age groups and to ensure parents can comfortably join in the fun.
  • Inclusive Accessories: Each model includes standard features like market boxes, stable doors, and cafe windows with chalkboards to encourage creative and educational play.
  • Playsafe Standards: Safety is our priority. Each cubby house meets rigorous Playsafe standards, ensuring a secure environment for all children.
  • Enhanced with Additional Accessories: Enhance the play space with options like interior kitchens, shelving, and bench seat storage boxes—perfect for arts, crafts, and pretend cooking.

Built to Last

Our wooden cubby houses are designed with the durability to withstand diverse weather conditions, making them perfect for any outdoor space. The high-quality construction does not compromise on aesthetic appeal but instead enhances the landscape with functionality and style.

The Benefits of Imaginative Play

Engaging with our Signature Wooden Cubby Houses provides significant benefits:

  • Cognitive and Sensory Development: Children learn through play, exploring different roles and scenarios that foster cognitive and sensory growth.
  • Creativity and Expression: These houses serve as a canvas for endless creativity, important for emotional and artistic development.
  • Social Interaction and Inclusivity: Designed for various ages, our cubby houses promote inclusive play and social skills among children, making them ideal for families and community play settings.

Explore our collection today and discover the perfect wooden cubby house to inspire your child’s imagination, providing a space where countless memories will be made.

FAQ's - Signature Cubby houses for Families

Choosing the right height of Signature Cubby Houses. Our Signature cubby houses come in two heights with 2 roof styles, designed to cater to different age groups and styles. Standard height Cubby House:

  • Recommended Ages: 2-10 years
  • Internal Dimensions: 1575 mm to 1630 mm
  • External Height: 1765 mm (flat roof, slightly angled)
  • Pros: More compact, cost-effective, and windows are at an appropriate height for younger children.
  • Cons: Challenging for adults to interact with children inside without crouching, harder to clean.

Extended Height Cubby House:

  • Recommended Ages: 5-12+ years
  • Internal Dimensions: 1855 mm to 1910 mm
  • External Height: 2040 mm
  • Pros: More room inside allows for easier adult interaction and cleaning.
  • Cons: Larger size may be less cost-effective.

Pitched Roof Cubby Houses:

  • Standard Height:
    Internal Dimensions: 1540 mm to 1910 mm
    External Height: 2030 mm

  • Extended Height:
    Internal Dimensions: 1820 mm to 2195 mm
    External Height: 2315 mm


  • Young Children: If buying a cubby house for very young children (ages 2-5), they are likely to outgrow the standard height by age 8.
  • Older Children: If purchasing a cubby house for children aged 5 or older, the extended height may provide longer use as the child grows.
  • Beyond cubby years: An extended height cubby house provides a greater range of options for later use.

You can install a cubby house on most surfaces as long as it is well drained. We recommend as best practice to have a 10cm barrier of crushed rock underneath to not only provide a self draining surface but to also provide a very level surface. Refer to our INFORM tab for our guides on the types of surfaces and preparation techniques.

You can find our Preparing and Caring guide HERE.

Our cubbies are not sealed - and we don't want them to be! Airflow is extremely important as moisture will always find a way in, and without airflow this can lead to mould.

So while there are some small gaps at the window and door, and under the roof to allow airflow, rain very rarely finds it's way in. You can certainly store your cubby toys inside without concern.

Yes! This is not an option online as we like to chat with you about it first, but we can indeed add more windows if you like. Just leave us a message in the Notes section when you place your order, and we will send your edited order back to you to make the additional payment.

We can upgrade one of your roof panels to a clear panel for approx $60. Just leave us a message in the Notes section when you place your order, and we will send your edited order back to you to make the additional payment.

You can order our decking panels via the External Cubby Accessories page in the dropdown menu. There are some guidelines to help you work out the panels you require and quantities. You can then add to your cart from this page. Send an enquiry if you need some help with your calculations!

Yes! We can absolutely order a custom colour from any brand.

We have stock colours that you can choose from post purchase or If you would like a particular colour, we charge a special order fee of $50 (per colour).

Simply, provide the colour name/code in the Notes section at checkout and we will return your order with the fee added for additional payment.

We use Tint exterior paint for it's non-tox, vegan properties, however you can use any exterior paint that you can find readily available at your local hardware. You can also use a decking oil or tinted stain for a natural timber look, while protecting the cubby for years to come.