A Touching Tribute: Unveiling 'Rozalia's Kitchen' Cubby House – A Symbol of Love and Learning

A Touching Tribute: Unveiling 'Rozalia's Kitchen' Cubby House – A Symbol of Love and Learning

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Rozalia’s Italian Restaurant cubby house is one of those projects that sticks with you forever, serving as a reminder of the importance of what we do and what it means to create spaces for play.

It’s a touching tribute to Rozalia, who passed away at only five years of age. And a legacy for her school community that came together to honour her memory and keep her spirit alive for her family and friends.

A cubby house designed

A look inside Rozalia’s Italian Restaurant Cubby House

After Rozalia passed away, her school community decided to purchase a cubby house in her name.

The idea for the restaurant theme came from Rozalia’s educators. Rozalia’s family owns an Italian restaurant and Rozalia loved cooking as much as she loved playing with her friends.

The creative team at Castle & Cubby worked closely with the organisers to perfect every single element. A green, red and white colour scheme was chosen to reflect an Italian heritage. Open servery windows, brightly painted awnings and a built-in play kitchen brought the restaurant theme to life.

The most important element: the sign board featuring Rozalia’s own handwriting. A lasting memory of a little girl that brightened up everybody’s life.

Signature Midi Square Cubby House with flat roof
Signature Cubby Square Midi, customer paint

All hands on deck

Family friend Douglas Thorne was one of the organisers that worked with Castle & Cubby to help make this project happen. He told us that, once Castle & Cubby delivered the restaurant cubby to site, everyone came together to help build it: Rozalia’s extended family, pre-school parents and educators.

Big and little helpers. Handy people and not so handy people. Everybody had a role.

With the addition of fresh herbs, a gold bell for the kids to ring up orders, play food and, of course, cooking equipment, Rozalia’s Italian Restaurant was ready for first orders.

Cubby House placed at the backyard
A custom painted cubby house

The Cubby House Grand Opening

Over 150 people attended the opening, including Rozalia’s family, friends and the wider school community.

Rozalia’s brother Vincenzo proudly opened the restaurant and invited the kids in to play. Small tables covered in red and white chequered tablecloths were set up alongside the cubby house and the children took turns to take orders and serve food.

Douglas told us that those at the opening were so happy with how the restaurant looked. The colour scheme, the little additions to personalise it and how many little cooks could fit in it – everyone involved was so proud of what had been built.

Happy kids in wooden Cubby house

A lasting legacy

Rozalia’s restaurant is now a much-loved space for the school community. The kids use it to play, to make food for each other and the educators, to celebrate special occasions and take care of the cubby itself.

There's many conversations about pizza toppings, how to cook and what their friends would like to order. It is a proper little restaurant that has a buzz and energy that is infectious.

It serves as a reminder for the kids about how kind and caring Rozalia was, says Douglas.

“The whole experience has been positive, given the very sad circumstance that the Rozalia's restaurant evolved from. It has brought the community together and has meant a great deal to Rozalias family.

The way Rozalia lived is how we want the kids to use Rozalia's Italian Restaurant. And by doing that it will provide memories of laughter, friendship and love.”

A cubby house interior with a internal mud kitchen


Flat Roof Cubby
Internal Mud Kitchen
Wall Shelf

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