Mini Christmas Collection

Graphic image of a snowman and christmas baubles with the test Last Sleighs Leaving in Early December
Image of a Castle & Cubby raw large rectangle wooden cubby house with accessories.
Image of a wooden picnic table for kids - from the CXatsle & Cubby furniture collection
A young girl drawing with chalk on an outdoor blackboard
Last minute? We've got the perfect curated mini collection of wooden cubby houses and play accessories just in time for under the backyard tree! This collection is available to ​residents of VIC & NSW only due to limited freight time for pre Christmas delivery.  

Installation through our own network may be possible please check with us,otherwise these are our easiest products to self install, perfect for mums and/or dads, only requiring a power drill and 2 people. We provide robust DIY instructions as well as phone support if you get stuck.