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Getting sandy, dirty, and wet is what being a kid is ALL about right! We have kids too and we know exactly what they LOVE doing, especially with you beside them. So get dirty with them! Teach them how to grow food in their own little gardens and get them building space ships in their sandpits. There are hours and hours of fun to be had in their own backyard!

All our products are hand made in Australia in our workshops using untreated and sustainable locally sourced materials so we tread lightly on Earth.

Open the sections below to reveal the various garden products we build to order and if you don't see what you are looking for, let us know!

Select installation if you require it and delivery & freight costs are worked out at the checkout. Call us for any help or questions!  

We recommend placing your products in a well drained positioned to ensure the longest life of the timber feet. Our footings are made from Cypress pine which is naturally termite and weather resistant, but we still do recommend ensuring that they are not placed directly onto soggy ground.

If your area is prone to a little damp you can build up a barrier with a layer of cost effective crushed rock. We recommend approx 10cm of crushed rock underneath.

We use a high quality locally sourced untreated and sustainable pine timber for all of our products. It is super safe for Mother Nature and with a little care you can expect a long life, one that will well outlive your kids 'playing' days.

You can most definitely leave the timber in its raw state to 'grey off' to its George Clooney best or you can protect the timber with a natural oil sealant or by painting. It really does depend on your preferred look and the conditions you have in your space.

If your area is in full sun and is not prone to winter shady mildew then go ahead and leave it go raw. If you have a shady damper position we recommend you do seal the timber with a natural oil or paint.

You are welcome to pickup your goods from our Bayswater VIC or Mullumbimby NSW workshops. You will just need to check with us what size vehicle you have to make sure that it can fit.

For deliveries we have multiple options at the checkout stage of your purchase. You can choose a local delivery or for distances further than 100km of our workshops please contact us for a quote. We use a freight agent that seeks the best rates, or we are more than happy to provide the freight measurements for you to organise your own supplier.

Our products are super easy to install.

Or if time, tools, and want and desire are working against you, let us sort you out. Our network of installers Australia wide are qualified to install our products.


Timber Sandpit Only

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Timber Sandpit with Lid

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Timber Sandpit with Lid & Wheels

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