Creating a magical Easter!

Creating a magical Easter!

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Easter is fast approaching and we're here to help with pulling together the most magical long weekend possible.

Now that our kids are that bit older the days of cute Easter Bunny surprise are a little behind us (insert sad music), but we still create Easter fun.. It just now involves super competitive Easter egg hunts and more kicking back and letting them cook the hot cross buns.

From our many years of playing the Easter Bunny, we do know what it takes to pull together a dream Easter weekend for the kids when at home. We've pulled together our go to ideas below to save you time and help deliver the magic and some fun craft activities to add to the theatre of it all.

Happy Easter from our family to yours!

Kel & Jono xxx

an outdoor easter themed slumber party
an outdoor easter themed lunch table

Gather the themed gear!

Whether it's a dash to the shops, using previous years goods or getting crafty, there's so many ways you can keep it simple yet still magical! Gathering the below list of items helps create the overall theme and that sense of fun..

  1. Egg hunt baskets x the amount of kids participating

  2. Easter themed bunting to decorate the Cubby House

  3. Themed props to scatter throughout the backyard (think Bunnies, toadstools and pastel colours)
  4. Easter themed PJ's (to keep things aesthetically pleasing for the parents sake)

  5. Flour from the cupboard for evidence the Easter Bunny visited

  6. Obviously the chocolate! lots of chocolate!

  7. Items to supplement the chocolate. Some of our favourites are chalk eggs, reusable egg shaped containers. These can be filled with non chocolate gifts and nick nacks.

Kids with easter eggs in baskets

Set the scene!

Putting 20 minutes effort into styling your space and potentially getting a bit crafty can really help deliver on a magical Easter morning! If it doesn't come naturally, rely on the below ideas (and if all else fails.. use google).

  1. Create Egg Hunt Map, use ripped paper with tea stained edges for maximum effect! Highlight key features of your backyard or house. eg. The kids favourite hiding spot, climbing frame and of course the Cubby House!

  2. Style the space, use flowers either from the garden or created with paper to decorate. Baskets of carrots and/or eggs can also be added. Use blankets, rug and cushions from around the house to create a space to enjoy the Easter treats. Don't forget to create bunny footprints using flour! you can even get technical by creating a cardboard footprint stencil.

Paper Mache Easter Eggs
Easter Bunnies with paper art flowers
Paper art toadstools

Provide the activities!

In parents minds, the egg hunt goes for hours, but in reality it can last mere minutes!

We found that having a range of easter craft on hand can help prolong that joyous Easter feeling and help keep the kids engage.

Some favourites include;

  1. Paper mache eggs - Check out our easy step by step guide here!

  2. Painting eggs

  3. Cooking Easter cookies and treats

  4. Creating Easter artworks to help theme the Cubby House

And lastly, remember to enjoy some down time!

A fave memory of ours is cosying up in the cubby house with a huge amount of blankets, doonas and pillows and playing 'Hop' the movie on the laptop.. So simple but so enjoyable and something the kids still talk about!


Wanting to suprise the kids with the promise of an extra Easter Treat!?
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