Creative ideas to transform your outdoor cubby house in Autumn & Winter

Creative ideas to transform your outdoor cubby house in Autumn & Winter

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Looking for more ideas to get the kids outside during the colder months? An outdoor cubby house provides a cosy space for kids to play while being protected from the occasional light shower or cold wind.

Our sturdy structures help to hold in the warmth, even as the temperature drops, so kids can head outside whenever the weather allows. Undercover, but with easy access to the backyard, they can continue to create, learn and strengthen their imagination.

An Outoor cubby house for this autumn and winter

The benefits of an outdoor cubby house in Autumn and Winter

The changing seasons provide sensory-rich material for kids to discover. Themed activities offer so many opportunities to integrate educational themes seamlessly into play. These activities not only enhance fine motor skills and creative thinking but also help children forge greater connections with the environment. With the added benefit of burning off that energy that can otherwise make days spent indoors somewhat unbearable.

An Outdoor cubby house to transform your cubby house

Creative ways to transform your cubby house in Autumn and Winter

Here are some of the simple ways you can adapt the cubby house for the colder months, while deepening your child’s connection with the world – inside and outside.

An internal cubby kitchen at an outdoor cubby house

Set up an Autumn nature lab

Use the cubby house as a base for a nature exploration lab. Kids can collect different types of leaves, seeds and other natural objects to study, categorise and use in crafts. Equip their cubby with a magnifying glass, reference picture books and craft supplies. String up some wooden pegs for hanging leaves and foraged finds.

A cosy outdoor Cubby house for reading a book
A kids reading a book at an outdoor cubby house

Create a cosy reading book

A few simple additions will transform their cubby house into a warm reading nook to escape to. Add comfy cushions or bean bags, blankets and string lights then stock their shelves with their favourite books. A thermos filled with something warm will see older kids set for a very long time.

Chaclkboard for an outdoor art studio
Make your cubby house an outdoor art studio
Display your kids art on a wall

Make an outdoor art studio

With some basic craft supplies, you can transform your cubby house into art studio where children can paint, sculpt and create. A standalone easel can be placed on the deck for kids to paint the changing seasons. A blackboard attached to a nearby fence or wall adds extra space for children to create. Finished artwork can be hung inside the cubby house to provide seasonal colour for the months ahead.

An interior of an outdoor cubby house
Collecting dry herbs and seeds for making a harvest hut

Turn your cubby house into a harvest hut

Autumn is a great time to introduce the concept of harvesting and storing food for winter. And an outdoor cubby house makes an ideal harvest hut for pretend play. Set up an area in the cubby house where kids can dry herbs and seeds, while small jars of dried fruit make an ideal snack when playtime is done.

An outdoor cubby house for observing skies
A Kids sitting on a rocking chair to observing the skies, outdoor cubby house

Spend an evening observing the skies

The colder months are an ideal time to observe the sky above, thanks to the earlier sunsets and crisp, cloudless nights. A simple telescope and star charts will turn your cubby house into mini observatory where children can learn about constellations, planets and meteor showers.

Outdoor Cubby house for dramatic play with toys

Set the stage for budding actors

Encourage dramatic play by turning the cubby house into a mini theatre for puppet shows or small plays. Provide themed costumes and props (or have kids make their own) to set the stage for imaginative storytelling.

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