best cubby house toys of 2023

Best Cubby House Toys of 2023

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Cubby house, but make it a restaurant! Or dinosaur pet shop. Or magic choccie and lolly factory. Imaginative play are what cubby houses are MADE for and all we need to do is provide a range of toys that can be on rotation, keeping cubby play fresh and exciting every time the kids dive into it.

We handpicked for the BEST toys from our favourite local toy stores that are beautifully and consciously made to help facilitate imaginative role play. Mums gotta have each other's backs. You're welcome!

Felt Food

felt candy canes set of 2 white
felt blue gingerbread house
santas snacks red hot chocolate cup
felt christmas pudding round

Tara's Treasures has the WIDEST array of mindfully made, handcrafted felt toys we have ever seen - all built upon helping women artisans in Nepal and the flow-on effects to their communities. Play food has got to be a staple in every cubby that turns into a cafe, bakery, restaurants or market stand and these add so much more interest than run-of-the-mill plastic food.

Coffee Machine

A coffee machine toy

Every coffee shop needs a good barista! And what's a barista without a grand coffee machine?

This one is such an upgrade from a standard coffee pot or Nespresso machine - it's got the full works with turning knobs and a grinding handle too.

Credit : Growing Kind

Make Up & Grooming Kits

iconic beauty toy kit
style groom set

Credit : Growing Kind

Salon play can have both male AND female customers in any imaginative world! These sets have everything from powder puffs and pretend eye shadow, to clippers and hair spray for full makeover capabilities!

We highly recommend getting some real cucumber slices on your eyes and participating actively in a 'Spa Day' lying down on a soft picnic blanket outside the cubby salon. 😉

Childcare Nursery

baby carrier sweetheart red
A doll

Playing babies in a pretend childcare nursery can be much more multi-dimensional than just putting little dolls down for naps! Everything that might already be in your cubby can add to this world of play - use books for reading to babies, felt food for feeding babies first solids, a toy kettle for warming up a bottle of milk...we love the Olli Ella range because they even have tiny baby carriers!

While childcare educators certainly don't babywear, we guarantee your littlies will want to do it to be "just like mummy and daddy".

Mindful Magic Potion Kits

A kid holding a magic potion kit cards
A kid playing with a magic potion kit
A magic potion kit in a box

Unlock a whole new world of magic with these incredible potion kits from The Little Potion Co! A little cubby can be transformed into a magical tavern with fairies, witches and wizards in play making delightful bubbling potions, granting wishes and fighting evil! Sensory play doesn't have to be confined to a mud kitchen all the time.

Internal Cubby House Fittings

A kid playing with a internal cubby kitchen
Wall shelf at a cubby house

Toys aside, never underestimate what some quality internal fittings can do! Whether it's a little kitchen or even some shelving - it makes a little cubby feel like a home. There's also a place for everything to go, which makes all the difference! Because really, how often have you seen your kiddos engage in long lasting play in an already messy space?

For that, we've got you sorted. You can shop our shelving, internal kitchen, letterbox and even decking panels from our store!

Shop our Range!

Internal Cubby Kitchens

Wall Shelf


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