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WIN a $5000 Treehouse Cubby House - To Celebrate Andy Griffiths 169 Story Treehouse Book Release

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The Treehouse Cubby House Series

The Magic of Treehouse Cubby Houses

As a mum who cherished her own wooden cubby house (positioned in the back, backyard of our half acre home in the Dandenong Mountains of Victoria, a slightly cobwebby, dark and ill conceived creation - I did not care!), and who spent countless hours climbing trees, I longed to recreate those magical moments for my own children. This longing, coupled with the deep emotional connection to treehouses and cubby houses, inspired the creation of Castle & Cubby in our backyard a decade ago.

While my own boys did have a plethora of Wooden Cubby Houses to play in, we never were able to build them a Treehouse Cubby House due to our interstate moves and rental status. So since we discovered The Treehouse Story Books by Andy Griffiths many years ago, we immersed ourselves in the stories of Mr Big Nose (the boss) and all the crazy and wonderous characters to get our Treehouse fix. Each book introduces 13 new levels to the treehouse, each filled with marvelous and wacky elements like a shark pit and a bowling alley. It's no surprise that me and my kids were hooked!

When we received the call from Andy's team, inviting us to partner in creating a magical treehouse for a lucky book reader, I excitedly shared the news with my children. Their excitement was palpable. It even rivaled the time they saw our cubby featured on the front of Backyard Magazine at the airport, proudly declaring our fame. Haha.

Children Delighting in Leaf Exploration During their Nature Walk
  1. Collecting Nature's Play Products

Take your little adventurers on a nature walk to collect an assortment of leaves and seeds. Encourage them to gather items of different colours, shapes, and textures, embracing the beauty and diversity of autumn. Make it a fun and engaging experience by turning it into a scavenger hunt or a leaf and seed identification challenge.

Arranging Dividers on an Exploration Table to Organize Leaves and Seed
  1. Setting up the Exploration Table

Prepare the Caste & Cubby exploration table by placing it in a spacious and well-lit area. The table's dividers are perfect for sorting the collected treasures into distinct categories, providing an opportunity to explore patterns, shapes, and sizes. Arrange the leaves and seeds in separate compartments, creating an inviting display that encourages curiosity and tactile exploration.

Win your very Own Treehouse Cubby House

Andy Griffiths' 169 Story Treehouse

A message from Author Andy Griffiths himself about the Dymocks Treehouse Cubby House Competition

In partnership with Dymocks Books, we are delighted to offer one fortunate reader of Andy Griffith's newest Treehouse Book Series, the 169-Story Treehouse, a chance to win a $5000 voucher towards their very own Treehouse Cubby House, lovingly crafted by Castle & Cubby.

To enter the competition, head over to Dymocks Booksellers through this link: Dymocks booksellers competition site. The competition ends in September.

Over the years, we have built numerous Treehouses for families far and wide, and we are thrilled to create a special Treehouse for someone who shares our deep appreciation for the enchanting magic of a Treehouse Cubby House and the magic of Andy Griffith's The Treehouse book series.

So what makes a Treehouse Cubby House so magical to so many kids?

A Treehouse Cubby House holds a unique charm that resonates with children for many reasons reasons. We've delved into a few of them here...

Escaping and Creating Their Own World

Treehouses provide a place of escape, a secret hideaway where children can create their own world. Away from the watchful eyes of adults, they can let their imaginations run wild and embark on thrilling adventures.

Castle & Cubby - Treehouse Cubby House

A custom treehouse cubby house we built for a client in Byron Bay NSW

Recycled Timber Treehouse Cubby House for kids

Our very 1st Treehouse Cubby House in VIC with my youngest son.

Mastering Their Own Space and Independence

Having their own Treehouse Cubby House gives children a sense of ownership and independence. It becomes their domain where they make the rules and decisions, fostering a feeling of empowerment.

Time in Nature and Unsupervised Creativity

Treehouse stories recognize the importance of children spending time in nature. For generations of urban children, these stories offer a fantasy of unsupervised creative spaces where they can face challenges, engage with others freely, and make memories that last a lifetime.

A Wooden Treehouse Cubby House in nature and the woods

A Treehouse Cubby House installed in Southern Highlands NSW

A Wooden Treehouse Cubby House with slide

A Treehouse Cubby House with a slide installed in VIC

Immortalised in Books and Movies

Treehouses have been celebrated in literature and film, solidifying their place in our collective imagination. From Andy Griffith's Treehouse Series to Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree stories, these tales transport us to worlds of wonder and adventure.

Treehouses have even been depicted in mythology, such as Yggdrasil and Demeter's Oak, adding a touch of ancient mystique to these elevated abodes.

The Top 5 Books that Bring the Magic of Treehouse Cubby Houses Alive

  1. Andy Griffith's Treehouse Book Series: Andy's books about Mega Treehouses, with their magical levels and quirky characters, are unparalleled in their brilliance and captivation.

  2. Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree Stories: The Faraway Tree series takes readers on magical journeys to different lands atop a gigantic tree, captivating both young and old.

  3. Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House Series: With nearly 100 titles, this beloved series has been enchanting children for 25 years, combining history, adventure, and magic.

  4. Tina Matthews' Waiting for Later: This heartwarming tale features a tree that provides solace to a child seeking companionship and understanding.

Children Engaging with Nature's Bounty on the Exploration Table

Leaf Rubbings

Place a few leaves under a sheet of paper and provide crayons or pencils. Encourage the children to rub the paper over the leaves, revealing their intricate patterns. This activity not only enhances fine motor skills but also introduces them to the concept of texture and pattern.

 A Child Reaching Out to Grasp a Sensory Material on the Table

Sorting and Matching

Challenge the kids to sort the leaves and seeds based on their characteristics. They can sort them by colour, size, shape, or texture, fostering cognitive development and critical thinking skills. Encourage them to create patterns or match similar items to further engage their imagination.

 Close-up Shot of an Exploration Table, Featuring an Array of Nature's Treasures: Leaves and Seeds

Sensory Bins

Fill shallow containers with various sensory materials like dried leaves, seeds, acorns, or pinecones. Allow the children to explore these materials with their hands, feeling the different textures and discovering the unique sensory experiences autumn has to offer.

Kids Immersing in Nature-inspired Painting as they Incorporate Natural Elements

Artistic Creations

Provide glue, paper, and additional craft materials, and encourage the children to create collages, leaf imprints, or seed mosaics. This artistic element will allow them to express their creativity while incorporating the natural elements they collected.

A Treehouse Cubby House installed in Olinda, in the Dandenongs VIC. Back where it all started for me!

The Top 9 Movies that Made Treehouse Cubby Houses so Alluring

The Smith Family Robinson Treehouse Cubby House

Image of the Smith Family Robinson Treehouse Cubby House from the movie

Movies have also played a significant role in immortalizing the allure of Treehouses:

  1. The Sandlot (1993): The excellent treehouse in this movie may look small from the outside but comfortably sleeps 10 during a slumber party.

  2. Ernest Scared Stupid (1991): The treehouse in this film is an architectural masterpiece, adding a touch of spooky fun to the narrative.

  3. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001): While the forest homes of Lothlorien may be picturesque, the allure of a practical and down-to-earth treehouse is evident.

  4. Return of the Jedi (1983): The Ewoks' treehouse in Star Wars showcases impressive architectural acuity in a sci-fi setting.

  5. To Kill a Mockingbird (1962): Atticus Finch's sweet treehouse reminds us of the sentimental value of such structures.

  6. Stand By Me (1986): This movie's awesome treehouse, built by the kids, sparks nostalgia and the joys of carefree days.

  7. The Simpsons (1989 to present): Bart's treehouse is a pop-culture icon, capturing the essence of a child's secret hideaway.

  8. Hook (1991): This Steven Spielberg masterpiece features an awe-inspiring treehouse, transporting viewers to a world of fantasy and adventure.

  9. The Swiss Family Robinson: The classic film depicts a magical moment when the treehouse is revealed, showcasing the essence of a Treehouse Cubby House.

Treehouse Cubby Houses are One For the Ages

In conclusion, the magic of a Treehouse Cubby House lies in its ability to transport children to a realm of creativity, independence, and wonder. Inspired by books and movies, these delightful structures continue to hold a special place in our hearts, bringing joy to both young and old.

Participate in the competition hosted by Dymocks Books for a chance to win a $5000 Treehouse Cubby House and create everlasting memories for your family. Embrace the allure of Treehouses and let your imagination soar among the branches.


A Nature-themed Exploration Table Filled with Children-friendly Natural Products

Discovery Tables

Children Expressing Their Creativity by Painting on an Art Table with Paint Brushes

Art Tables

A Child Engaging in Drawing with a Blue Chalk on a Drawing Table

Drawing Tables


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