The Top 5 Cubby House Accessories

The Top 5 Accessories for Kids Cubby House Play

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Kids cubby houses are a treasure trove of imaginative play, offering children a world of endless possibilities and creative adventures. To make the most of their cubby house experience, incorporating the right accessories can enhance their playtime, encourage their creativity and have you calling them in for dinner, like it's the 90's!

In this blog post, we will explore the top five accessories that compliment your cubby house and make play pop!

Children Delighting in Leaf Exploration During their Nature Walk
  1. Collecting Nature's Play Products

Take your little adventurers on a nature walk to collect an assortment of leaves and seeds. Encourage them to gather items of different colours, shapes, and textures, embracing the beauty and diversity of autumn. Make it a fun and engaging experience by turning it into a scavenger hunt or a leaf and seed identification challenge.

Arranging Dividers on an Exploration Table to Organize Leaves and Seed
  1. Setting up the Exploration Table

Prepare the Caste & Cubby exploration table by placing it in a spacious and well-lit area. The table's dividers are perfect for sorting the collected treasures into distinct categories, providing an opportunity to explore patterns, shapes, and sizes. Arrange the leaves and seeds in separate compartments, creating an inviting display that encourages curiosity and tactile exploration.

Top 5 Cubby House Accessories Number 1: Kitchen or Workbench

A mud kitchen or workbench is a versatile accessory that can cater to different play preferences. For kids who enjoy role-playing as chefs, a kitchen setup allows them to turn their cubby house into a bustling cafe. On the other hand, a workbench can spark the imagination of young builders and craftsmen. With pretend kitchen utensils and tools, kids can engage in hours of imaginative play, and they will love involving parents, siblings, and friends in their culinary or DIY creations. If space inside the cubby is limited, consider placing a mud kitchen or workbench outside to extend the play area.

Top 5 Cubby House Accessories Number 2: Sandpit

Integrating a sandpit near or next to the cubby house opens up a world of sensory play possibilities. Children can create and serve mud pies from their cafe cubby, fostering their imaginative skills. A sandpit not only complements the cubby house but also provides a valuable stand-alone play space for endless creativity. With the combination of a cubby and a sandpit, kids can seamlessly switch between activities, keeping their imagination flowing.

Children Engaging with Nature's Bounty on the Exploration Table

Leaf Rubbings

Place a few leaves under a sheet of paper and provide crayons or pencils. Encourage the children to rub the paper over the leaves, revealing their intricate patterns. This activity not only enhances fine motor skills but also introduces them to the concept of texture and pattern.

 A Child Reaching Out to Grasp a Sensory Material on the Table

Sorting and Matching

Challenge the kids to sort the leaves and seeds based on their characteristics. They can sort them by colour, size, shape, or texture, fostering cognitive development and critical thinking skills. Encourage them to create patterns or match similar items to further engage their imagination.

 Close-up Shot of an Exploration Table, Featuring an Array of Nature's Treasures: Leaves and Seeds

Sensory Bins

Fill shallow containers with various sensory materials like dried leaves, seeds, acorns, or pinecones. Allow the children to explore these materials with their hands, feeling the different textures and discovering the unique sensory experiences autumn has to offer.

Kids Immersing in Nature-inspired Painting as they Incorporate Natural Elements

Artistic Creations

Provide glue, paper, and additional craft materials, and encourage the children to create collages, leaf imprints, or seed mosaics. This artistic element will allow them to express their creativity while incorporating the natural elements they collected.

Top 5 Cubby House Accessories Number 3: Picnic Table or Furniture

Rest and relaxation are essential during playtime, especially for parents who often find themselves inside the cubby house with their kids. A picnic table or table and chairs offer a perfect solution for a comfortable break. Kids can use the seating for various purposes, such as arts and crafts, reading, or enjoying pretend tea parties with friends. Including complimentary tables, stools, and storage boxes that double as seating options allows for a cozy and inviting play environment.

Top 5 Cubby House Accessories Number 4: Blackboards or Whiteboards

Encourage your little ones to unleash their creativity and express themselves with the addition of blackboards or whiteboards. Whether they want to play teacher, write down the daily specials for their cafe, or indulge in artistic expression, these boards provide endless options to keep cubby house play exciting and engaging for hours. Children can freely draw, scribble, or write, fostering their cognitive and artistic development.

Top 5 Cubby House Accessories Number 5: Shelving stacked with Homely Pieces

Kids love having a space they can truly call their own, and adding some homely touches can elevate their sense of ownership. By incorporating a few extra items that evoke a sense of home, such as a welcoming doormat, hanging plants, decorative lights, or fun objects from around the house, children's desire to mimic their parents will be happily fulfilled. These additions create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making the cubby house feel like their own little sanctuary.

With the right accessories, a kids' cubby house becomes a magical realm of imaginative play and creativity. The inclusion of a mud kitchen or workbench, a sandpit, a picnic table or seating, blackboards or whiteboards, and homely touches can transform a simple cubby house into a vibrant and stimulating play space. As children engage in imaginative scenarios and interactive play, they not only develop essential life skills but also create lasting memories of their cherished cubby house adventures. So, consider these top five accessories to provide your kids with the ultimate cubby house experience and watch their imaginations soar to new heights.


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Children Expressing Their Creativity by Painting on an Art Table with Paint Brushes

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A Child Engaging in Drawing with a Blue Chalk on a Drawing Table

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