What kind of DIY'er are you?

What kind of DIY'er are you?

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Building a cubby, mud kitchen or anything from scratch is a pretty large undertaking from a time and resource perspective, obviously hugely rewarding, but that’s not why you are here, are you? You realise that there are great benefits to buying an Australian made sustainably built and eco-friendly flat-pack cubby house or mud kitchen that you can assemble yourself at home…and you are not wrong!


After 6 years in the cubby game, and many a hilarious conversation with our clients at odd hours of the night, we have identified the 4 main types of DIY’ers.

1. The ‘My only tool is a screwdriver but I know how to use it’ DIY’ers 

People who want their kids to remember that Mum and Dad built them something other than a lego set. They have limited time/resources/space to design and build but want the memory-filled, bonding experience with their kids, and the bragging rights of course!

2. The ‘I’m Backing Myself’ DIY’ers

Those who weigh up the cost of delivery & install and decide they have the basic skills, vague knowledge, and the power drill to DIY and would rather spend the money on additional accessories, or possibly a gift for themselves (hey, you deserve it!)

3. The ‘Surprise! Holy Crap!’ DIY’ers

Let me set the scene for this DIYer – It is Christmas Eve, the kids have gone to bed (finally) they have been told/reminded that they need to assemble a cubby and they SWEAR their partner didn’t pre-warn them about the flat pack scenario awaiting them! They get cracking, possibly make a last-minute call to us to find out what the hell they need to do, and wind it up around midnight, delivering the Santa presents on their way to bed. The screams of joy from their kids the next morning fill them with immense pride, the midnight construction battle is instantly forgotten and with a cup of coffee in hand talk of cubby additions, accessories and expansion enthusiastically take place.




4. The ‘Over Promiser married to the I Can’t Wait Any Longer’ DIY’ers

When a certain someone in the family has been saying ‘ No, don’t buy a cubby! I’ll knock one up on the weekend!’ every time the conversation is bought up (and that’s been weekly for the last 18months). More often than not the person with the gung-ho “I’ll do it” build-a-cubby attitude is actually really handy but just bloody time-poor. The partner finally takes matters into their own hands and organises the DIY kit, thoughtfully leaving a little handyman action for the busy but enthusiastic DIY’er. After its all said and done, everyone agrees it was the right move.

Whatever DIY’er you are, the outcome is the same in your kid’s memories and that is really all that matters in the end! So what to expect from our DIY kit…



Our designs are SIMPLE to put together, we have designed some nifty, easy to follow written instructions and have made a little video to show just how simple our DIY packs are to assemble (you will get access to these after you have purchased). On top of that, we are always just a phone call or FaceTime away. We’ve got your back!


You will need a spirit level and a well-drained surface to lay the cubby base. As you are probably aware, our WHOLE business ethos is around sustainability, which means no treated timbers – so extra care needs to be taken to ensure good drainage underfoot. If the area is a little damp or potentially could become damp then add a 10cm layer of crushed rock underneath (cheap and available from your local hardware or garden supplies store!).





  • Power drill
  • 1 x Square Drive Bit
  • 1 x 5/8 Roofing Bit
  • 1 x Hex Head Bit

(All bits can be purchased from your local hardware around $2 each)


A little cubby takes us, in the workshop, around  20 minutes to assemble. You might expect it to take you an hour or slightly more. Our larger cubby houses require extra build time.


Individual pieces are heavy enough that you should get help, so ask a friend and make it a social occasion. For our larger cubby houses and framed cubby houses, we recommend 2 people at all times for lifting and building.




Pick up your DIY kit from our workshops in Bayswater VIC or Mullumbimby near Byron Bay. You will need to ensure you have the right size vehicle – have a chat to us about the size of your kit to ensure the pickup process runs smoothly.


We can arrange freight to metro Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra and regional areas of NSW, VIC, WA, SA & ACT.

The freight company will deliver to your driveway and you can unwrap and move the pieces into place.

Nothing beats the feeling that comes with a completed DIY project especially when the end results involve excited little faces! We hope that the ease of our DIY packs encourages you to take on a Castle and Cubby flat pack of your own!

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