A Wooden Cubby House - A gift from the Grandparents to 2 special little girls.

With love from Grandma and Grandpa

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Many of our beautiful customers over the last 9 years have been Grandparents, working directly with us to upgrade their own homes for the grandkids visits, or researching with us and gifting to their children for their homes - with love from Grandma and Grandpa. We also have clients who purchase a cubby in honour of grandparents passed 🌈

This very special cubby house, being LOVED so intentionally, is a special gift from Grandparents who did the research and passed on the love to their family. Well played Granny and Grandpa!

Read our interview with our super lovely client Meagan and be inspired by their stories of cubby life, childhood, and how the girls lives have been enriched by imagination, dreaming and play-based learning.

Kel X

Do you have any memories of cubby houses from your own childhood? Did you have one, or did you always want one? Please share

Growing up, we always had a cubby house. My sisters and I would spend hours using it as a play space and in later years, a hideout. Playing dolls and games and eventually sneaking in snacks and bean bags. I fondly remember my dad building our first cubby… sometimes when I drive past my old childhood home in Mount Martha, seeing that cubby still standing as beautifully as it was put together in the 90’s gives me a lump in my throat.

What made you decide to get a cubby house? What did you hope a cubby house might add to your family?

My partner Dan and I always wanted our kids to have a really functional and fun yard. Being on a very small property, we knew we wanted it to be a place for the children over anything else.

My daughters grandparents incredibly generously sourced and organised a Castle & Cubby cubby house for them for their birthdays this year. We knew it would be the best addition to our garden and could easily picture our children playing in there all year round, making memories together.

"Hazel and Rosie’s cubby house, was so thoughtfully designed by their Grandma"

Did you get the kids involved in the process of deciding and designing or was it a secret?

Hazel and Rosie’s cubby house, was so thoughtfully designed by their Grandma. From the shelves to store their little treasures, to the storage for their dolls and gardening bits (amazing!) and right down to the really personalised details that included awnings striped with yellow - the girls favourite colour. We surprised the girls a couple of weeks before the cubby was due to arrive and they counted down the days like it was Christmas.

How did you find the experience of Castle & Cubby installing for you? Tell us about it.

Hazel and Rosie set up their little chairs and snack table on the lawn and eagerly watched Yannick, from Castle & Cubby, build their cubby house from the ground up.

‘WOW!’ They both said…. At merely the base of the cubby on our grass. They adored being part of the process.

Have you styled it up, painted and decorated? Did you enjoy this experience?

My daughters are keen thrifters like their Mumma! We mostly used trinkets that we found secondhand mixed those in with some rainbow silks hanging on the walls (silks are a favourite for imaginative play around here) and some beautiful toyshop treasures from Epoche. We used a sheepskin on the bench to make the space plush and comfortable and hung bunting from the ceiling. We gave the cubby house a number ‘3’… a cheeky hint to unsuspecting relatives that we will be adding to our family in 2023.

How did the kids react to the unveiling of the finished product?

The girls couldn’t believe that this magical little set up was theirs to keep! We also had a gorgeous Castle & Cubby hardwood mud kitchen built just outside the cubby…That kitchen has already seen numerous mud pies and fairy potions.

How are the kids using the space?

The other day, it was a flower shop. Before that, a cafe that also sold fruit and vegetables. I’ve spied on the girls playing ‘families’ and ‘school day’ and I can’t tell you how many dirt coffees I’ve personally been made in that mud kitchen.
It no longer looks ‘Instagram’ perfect… but it is much loved and very well used. Little muddy gumboot prints on the floor, wild and colourful chalk drawings and toys scattered. I love that.

Has there been any unexpected outcomes?

I’ve been surprised just how many hours of peaceful gardening Dan and I can enjoy with our girls happily playing away in their cubby.


What has been your favourite conversations you have overhead the kids having in their new space?

I am constantly overhearing the sweetest conversations between the two sisters. Hazel, 4, often asks Rosie, 2 ‘darling, how was your day? Would you like a babycino?’ ‘yes please, Hazy’ They play so well together! (Mostly anyway, they are sisters after all!)

What have your visitors been saying about the new play space?

They LOVE it! I’ve had so many questions from friends and even neighbours walking past wondering where our beautiful cubby is from. The girls friends love coming over for a play and I can’t wait for summer so we can spend even more time together outside.

What do you hope you and your kids will remember from their cubby days?

I hope my girls (and future little baby!) spend hours and hours in their cubby… using it as their special play space just as I did with my two sisters growing up. I know the space will grow and change with them and I can’t wait to experience that.

If you could sum it all up for us in one statement?

We are thrilled with our cubby house and mud kitchen, lovingly and sturdily designed and put together by the Castle & Cubby Team. The colours we were able to choose perfectly compliment our house and garden… and we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

We are so grateful to the Castle & Cubby team for their amazing product and customer service. It has been just the best experience and we feel so lucky we get to enjoy this cubby and mud kitchen all through the kids childhoods. Thank you!

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