Sensory Play Tables with Little Potion & Co

A Sensory Play Date with Castle & Cubby and Little Potion & Co!

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We think we've got pretty special jobs designing play products for kids that inspire and delight imaginations, and the cherry on the cake is getting to set up play environments for the littlest product testers there were.

We're always on the hunt for businesses that specialise in play and magic that help us bring our products to life. When we came across Little Potion & Co we knew we'd found kindred spirits, so we invited them to a play date.

Who are Little Potion & Co?

Hailing from Melbourne, sister's, Alicia and Jacinta are the force behind the popular kids sensory play brand. In their Melbourne workshop they're mixing up the most glorious and sustainable potion making play kits and a whole range of stunning accessories to support sensory play for families and educators.

How did Little Potion Co come to be?

In 2018, Jacinta, unable to find any local potion kits for her science loving son, William, took matters into her own hands making her own. William's excitement at sparked a business idea and when her sister Alicia witnessed the play and joy they formed a successful team. Together, they crafted magical potion kits that exceeded their expectations and they now sell them worldwide!

A little about Potion Play.

Magic extends beyond the realms of fairytales and Harry Potter; it can be discovered in the ordinary moments of everyday life. One such enchantment lies in the realm of potion play, where children wield their imagination to transform ordinary objects into something extraordinary. A mere bowl of water takes on magical qualities, capable of granting the power of flight or invisibility. Engaging in this imaginative play allows children to tap into their creativity and perceive the world through a renewed lens.

A Child delighting in Potion Play on a Castle & Cubby Sensory Play Table
Little Potion & Co, Potion Play Kit

How Does Potion Play Support Kids Development?

Playing with magic potions provides a wealth of educational advantages for young children, from letting them experiment with various tastes, textures, and colours to helping them practise problem-solving through role-playing exercises and boosting their creativity so they can imagine themselves in any situation.
Children that engage in this kind of play become more aware of their immediate environment and learn that the world is full of possibilities. Through the use of natural and non-toxic substances, it expands their imagination and aids in the development of a sense of connection to nature. It enables kids to explore nature for potion ingredients and discover how to use mother earth's natural resources.

Sensory Play develops more than just the senses...

It is a fantastic method for kids to learn about the world around them in a playful and secure setting, acting out real-life scenarios or trying out make-believe. It encourages imagination and creativity, as well as the development of hand-eye coordination and gross motor abilities, such as mixing, scooping, pouring, and grinding.

Children can develop their emotional responses through potion play, which also promotes collaboration and fosters empathy. It enables kids to express themselves in a less regimented setting and can also be a terrific method to teach kids the advantages of outdoor play, which is known to be crucial for kids' growth and education.
The enchantment of potion play allows them to experiment, make mistakes, and take risks in a secure environment.

Decide to set up a potion-making station in the backyard the next time you want to encourage your child's imagination. They will undoubtedly have a great time, and you never know what they will come up with.

Little Potion & Co Play Pack



Castle & Cubby - Wooden Sensory Play Table

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