Top 10 Ice-Cream Birthday Cakes

Top 10 Ice-Cream Birthday Cakes

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With 2 boys under 11 both with summer birthdays I've definately busted out an ice-cream birthday cake or 2 before. We've so much LOVE for ice-cream in this house we've even designed an ice-cream cubby house to honour this speacial treat! I've been hunting for the perfect ice-cream cake so I thought I'd shared my top ice cream birthday cakes I've found and some we've tried.

Messina is the luxe brand of Ice Cream in Australia and within bike riding distance of our home 🫣. Did you know they even have their OWN Jersey cows to ensure ultimate quality control!

If you're looking for the ultimate ice cream cake for your forest or fairy-themed summer birthday, you can't get better than Messina Dr. Evil’s Magic Mushroom gelato cake. This adorable and decadent toadstool features dark chocolate gelato, dulce de leche, peanut cookies, and a flourless chocolate sponge.

If you have a farm loving kid then look no further than the How Now Cake by Messina. This cute as a button Jersey Cow ice cream cake features jersey milk gelato. dulce de leche. dulce de leche gelato. jersey milk soaked sponge. milk crumb. vanilla cream. finished with black and white chocolate cow print. WOW!

Pidapipo just happens to be located next to one of our favourite restaurants in Melbourne, Ti Amo in Lygon Street Carlton. What used to be our Ti Amo and Brunetti double, has become the Ti Amo, Brunetti and Pidapipo triple. This is truly delicious ice cream and we are so thrilled that they do stunning ice cream cakes to boot.

The Great Rocher - Who doesn't love a Fererro Rocher and a Rocher Ice Cream Cake! When you get a Rocher Ice cream in a cone from Pidapipo they make a little hole in the middle and fill it with chocolate from a fountain, it is to die for. We expect this cake will be equally as amazing!

The Coconut Cloud - A Gluten free ice cream cake! For our glorious gluten intolerant friends the perfect cake for everyone to celebrate together!


Now I just feel like I am bragging, but this is another ice-cream store not far from our home and one we have definitely stopped by. Piccolina's ice cream is simply delicious, one of the best in Melbourne and as you can see from the images and ingredients these are the closest thing to desert perfection you will taste!

Native Fairy Bread - Crema ricca gelato, Davidson's plum & lime jelly, sponge cake, passionfruit cremeux topped with native sprinkles and silver leaf. The native sprinkles include strawberry gum crumble, rosella meringue, white chocolate & lemon myrtle crumb and leatherwood honeycomb.

Fun Funk - White chocolcate gelato, strawberry sorbet, white chocolate sponge topped with house made raspberry marshmallows, lime jelly, couverture belgian white chocolate shards and freeze-dried strawberry.

When an ice cream shop is opened by award-winning chef Adam D'Sylva, and pastry chef Monika Frakovic, both of Coda and Tonka fame you just know it is going to be good!

Check out these amazing ice-cream cakes screaming summer minimalist birthday!

Bubble Gum Dream - Bubble-gum Gelato, Strawberry Sorbet, White Chocolate Glaze, House made Marshmallows & Chocolate Freckles, the stuff of young kids (or young at heart) dreams!

The Neo - Something more traditional and classic that will never go out of date. Filled with flavour The Neo features; Chocolate Gelato, Vanilla Gelato & Strawberry Sorbet with a Milk Chocolate Velvet Coating.

Not your typical ice cream store —Cold Rock has over 30,000 combos to choose from. Whether you're in Melbourne or Sydney or somewhere in between, the combos at Cold Rock are endless. Their cake designs put fun at the forefront creating magical moments, just check out the Magical Unicorn as evidence of this!

O'Reo Kidding Me!? - Cookies & Cream Ice Cream with Chocolate Brownie, Cookie Dough and Mini M&Ms decorated with Whole Oreos, Crushed Oreos, Oreo Frosting and Ice Magic.

Magical Unicorn - Strawberry Ice Cream with 100s and 1000s and Mini Marshmallows. Decorated with Waffle Cone Horn, Arnott’s 100’s & 1000’s Biscuits, Movietime Colourful Popcorn and Black & Pink Frosting.

Looking for something more classic for your summer birthday celebration? Cadbury's Party Cake is a crowd favourite. Just look for Freddo on the front at your local Coles! (also another benefit, it's super convienent to get your hands on these cakes).

The Peter’s Original Party Cake is not only delicious but proudly made in Australia with zero artificial colours. This ice cream cake has been loved by Australians for decades. It features classic vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate layers so everyone can enjoy their favourite flavour in a single cake!

Whether you are looking for a delicious homemade ice cream cake or want to pick up a delicious professional cake, the options we've gathered here have you covered.If you want to add to your summer birthday ideas and create a truly unforgettable experience for your kids, you can check out Castle & Cubby's amazing ice cream shop cubby house.

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