A Heroes' Quest - DIY Wooden Cubby House Kit Capers

A Heroes' Quest - DIY Wooden Cubby House Kit Capers

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In the world of parenthood, where every day feels like a new adventure, there's one quest that many parents attempt to embark upon with unwavering determination: creating a magical, enchanting Cubby House play space for their little ones to explore, dream, and play. Alas, it is also a quest that many fail on. Ohh the calls I have taken from a frustrated parents tired of their partners or parents claiming they will build the Cubby House!  

At Castle & Cubby, we understand this quest all too well. Our mission has always been to make parents the heroes in their children's eyes by offering Cubby House Kits that transform ordinary backyards into extraordinary wonderlands, without the dozens of tips to Bunnings, the slaps to the forehead when mistakes happen and the hours in lost play time!

Today, we're thrilled to share the heartwarming story of one of our amazing clients, Aisling, who took on the challenge of DIY Cubby Kit assembly and emerged victorious. But here's the twist: they weren't seasoned DIY experts; in fact, they described themselves as "attempt at DIY kinda people."

Join us as we delve into their journey and their answers to our questions, highlighting how easy our Cubby Kits are to assemble and how it catapulted them into the superhero role they were destined to play.

Kel, Jono and the BIG Kids at Castle and Cubby X

Kids having a play time at an extended cubby house

What attracted you to Castle & Cubby and the particular design you chose?

We wanted a cubby that can grow with our children and our home. We loved that our cubby is an extension of our home and the simple design process. We opted for a pre designed cubby that included all the extras and came painted ready to play.

Do you have any memories of cubby houses from your own childhood?

Yes, I remember my first cubby house we got for Christmas when I was about 5 or 6 I remember spending all our time in there growing up.

A extended cubby house with kids and a dog
Kids playing with potions on a mud kitchen

What made you decide to get a cubby house for your family?
What did you hope a cubby house might add to your family?

We wanted a space in our garden that our kid and his friends can call their own. We wanted a space the whole family can relax and spend the days together. Our little guy is happiest when outdoors digging in the dirt and roaming free. Seeing our cubby on the website with planter boxes I could see the smile on our sons face planting and digging in these. When we go outside with him his little feet start flapping when he sees his cubby :)

We hope our kids remember their cubby days as a time of laughter, getting messy, exploring their imagination, and having a place where nothing is off-limits.

So you decided to DIY hey! Tell us about how you found the DIY process and whether you had some big, or little, helpers along the way.

I would consider myself an attempt at DIY kinda person but I’m definitely not handy.
The instructions were extremely easy to follow and we got it together in one day :) We had some family friends help along the way and little helpers to test out all the mud kitchen appliances.
Kids having a muddy play at a mud kitchen

How did the kids react to the unveiling of the finished product?

He loves it, every-time he goes outside it’s like he forgot it existed and all the excitement floods back and he can spend the whole day exploring inside and out. It’s his favourite place to be.

How are the kids using the space?
Have you been surprised with any of the play styles/games they have engaged with?

Every day our son spends 2/3 hours in his cubby space, I bring my laptop and work from the extended veranda space. He uses it as a herb garden/cafe space. Inside he has lots of boxes of fruit and veggies.
Children drawing with a chalk on a blackboard of a mudkitchen
A mom and a kid watering a plant at one of cubby house's pots

What has been your favourite conversations you have overhead the kids having in their new space?

My favourite conversation has to be my nephew using the mud kitchen and explaining why he was baking chalk in mud water to our 9 month old who was watching with great curiosity as he tasted the baked wet chalk :)
We have received so many compliments on our cubby house, we have recently completed a home Reno and everyone says it’s their favourite part. Even the adults prefer to sit on the extended veranda and chat.

If you could sum it all up in one statement?

The best decision we ever made, our cubby space is our happy place for the whole family.
Kids enjoying a muddy play at a mud kitchen

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A lakeside style extended cubby cubby house with some decorations of plants and buntings
A font shot of a mud kitchen with two kids

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