Donating Back with the help of our Castle & Cubby families!

Donating Back with the help of our Castle & Cubby families!

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We are acutely aware of the good fortune Castle and Cubby has working with such amazing staff, families, and businesses, since 2013 as a tiny backyard outfit to now a fully-fledged operation.

With the help of generous families that have joined the Castle & Cubby fold, we have been re-homing no longer-needed Cubbies to those who will benefit from and enjoy a Cubby and its second life.

Wooden Cubby House - Donation to an Indigenous Family Day Care

Our latest Donate Back Project reminds us of why this is so important!

Over the last month we have been working hard to refurbish a much-loved Signature Flat Roof Cubby to install to a very worth recipient, the Surfside Koorie Club!

The story of the Cubbies first life

Before being donated by our lovely customer Jason, this Signature Cubby was enjoyed for 6 years! "It was a present for our daughter’s 2nd birthday. She loved it so much, we spent hours playing inside. She would run the shop and we would buy all the different items from her!"

The reason behind the generous donation!

As the first owner is now 8 years old the time in the Cubby had reduced and the family felt they could find a better home where it could get more use and create new memories. "Rather than selling it saw your donate back program and thought it would be a great idea. Nice to pay it forward!"

Thank you card for a donated wooden cubby house

The donators wish for the Cubby's second life.

"That it goes to a home and a family who need it and understand that there is a lot of good in this world!"

The story of the Cubby's next life cycle at the Surfside Koorie Club

A lovely and passionate woman reached out and shared her story with us many months ago. She lovingly gives her time to provide a safe space for indigenous kids via creating a playgroup in her home. Read on to learn more about their experience.

What is the Surfside Koorie Club?

Our beautiful community is a little group of local indigenous families, that love to get all the kiddies together for a yarn, feed and play. It’s a safe space where everyone is welcome and most importantly the kids can have loads of FUN and learn more about their culture along the way.

A family donated a Wooden Cubby House
Inside of wooden cubby house that was donated by a family

How does a Castle & Cubby product assist The Surfside Koorie Club?

With limited resources, play equipment and funds, we found it quite challenging to think of new ideas to keep everyone engaged. The weather was a big factor too as it’s often cold or raining, so the cubby has been a massive game changer.

It honestly feels like our options are endless now, the kids can let their imaginations run wild, playing shops, vets, schools or do art and crafts inside the cubby. Then when everyone’s all worn out we can snuggle up for storytime.

What are some of your hopes for your new space?

We are hoping to decorate the cubby with some indigenous painting, kangaroo, skin, possum and emu figures, and the children are also going to do a workshop and weave some little baskets. We also had some indigenous seeds that will plant around the cubby and watch grow.

Wooden Cubby House as part of the Castle & Cubby donate back progra

What have been the reactions to the Cubby since it's install?

oh my goodness there were tears all around (mostly by us parents) but that was short-lived by the kids reactions. It was honestly just gorgeous. The children all SCREAMED so loudly, laughing and jumping around.

One of our favourite conversations and lessons with the little ones has been about gratitude and kindness. They often ask us to tell them the story again about how they were lucky enough to be gifted the cubby and how being kind and selfless can have a huge impact on others. The kids talk amongst themselves about how they can do something nice for others which has been the most rewarding part. 

We have had endless beautiful compliments about the cubby and the community are completely blown away when we tell our story. It’s been the best feeling to bring so much happiness into our little community and to watch the kids little eyes sparkle every time they see their stunning cubby. It’s the sunshine we all desperately needed.

We can do more!

We are passionate about giving back, but we can do more! Do you have a Cubby ready for a second life? or do you know of a worthy recipient?

Read more about the Donate Back Program, how it works and register your interest.

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