Designing a School Playground Space? Our Top 5 Ways To Get Your Kids Involved!

Designing a School Playground Space? Our Top 5 Ways To Get Your Kids Involved!

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Embarking on the journey of creating a vibrant and imaginative school playground is an exciting venture, and at Castle and Cubby, we believe in turning it into a game with the very individuals who will dive headfirst into the joy of play—your students. As seasoned creators of playground magic, from play-based learning villages to cubby houses, mud kitchens, sandpits, and more, we're here to sprinkle a bit of fun into the profound impact a well-designed playground can have on a child's growth and development.

Engaging Students in the Playground Design Process

Children engaged in the playground design process

A truly remarkable playground is like a playground version of a board game—it's not just about the pieces but about the shared vision and creativity that goes into its planning. We champion the idea of transforming this process into an adventure for students, giving them a sense of ownership and the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a space that will be an integral part of their school memories.

Empowering Through Participation

Our approach is a game in itself, rooted in empowerment through participation. We've got the tools to turn this into a playground quest—voting cards, design contests, and interactive projects. We're here to make sure students can express their preferences, ensuring that the playground becomes a reflection of their collective imagination.

Themed cubby house village

A Variety of Creative Approaches to Playground Design

From colouring competitions that add a personal touch to tech-savvy design initiatives, we're offering a variety of creative approaches. The aim is not just to create a physical space but to nurture a spirit of collaboration, creativity, and decision-making among the players of this playground game.

Creative Approches to Playground design with cubby houses

Castle and Cubby: Where Imagination Rules the Game

At Castle and Cubby, we're the game masters, bringing years of expertise to the playground. From themed play-based learning villages to custom cubby houses, each piece is a move on the playground chessboard, designed to stimulate imaginative play and contribute to the holistic development of children.

themed cubby house village for imagination play

The Top 5 Ways You Can Include Your Kids In Designing a Playground:

1. Voting Cards for Collective Decision-Making:

Deal out our specially designed voting cards, letting students play their hand in choosing crucial elements like themed cubby houses, mud kitchens, furniture, sandpits, and welcome signs. This interactive round ensures that the playground reflects the collective desires of the players.

2. Colouring-In Competition:

Roll the dice of creativity by organizing a colouring-in competition. Share themed coloring pages with students, and let their artistic expressions be the wild card. The winner not only gets their design brought to life but can also represent their peers in decision-making discussions.

3. Tech-Savvy Design. Harnessing Digital Creativity:

For schools with tech-savvy players, leverage digital tools! Encourage older grades to use tech apps to design the playground spaces based on our products. We can even provide digital files for inclusion, turning their imaginative ideas into a tangible reality.

A teacher teaching her students with a laptop
Children doing their project
4. Curriculum-Integrated School Projects:

Merge playground design into the curriculum quest! Numerous schools have joined forces with us as part of student projects. Engaging with us, students take on the responsibility of shaping their play environment, making the project both educational and full of surprises.

5. Grade 6 Legacy Project. Building for the Future:

The final quest awaits—empower Grade 6 players to leave a lasting legacy. As a project, task them with creating a space that serves as a gift for the players following in their footsteps. This not only instills a sense of responsibility but also creates a connection between different player generations.

Students at St finbarr's Primary School's cubby house village

Ready to play architects?

Children are smiling while sitting in front of a cubby house

Join us in this thrilling journey of transforming your school playground into a haven of creativity and joy. Let Castle and Cubby be your partner in building not just structures but memories that will resonate with the laughter and exploration of generations to come. Be part of a design process that celebrates the spirit of your school community!

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