Art Series

Welcome to the Castle and Cubby Art Series.

A place where we fuse our passion for community, giving back and share our love of art for good causes. This initiative is ALL about creativity and imagination and fostering relationships with artists from far and wide. Each cubby will be a unique collaboration with the artist and fundraised to donate back to a nominated cause. We believe in the importance giving back to those less fortunate and the power of art to build community and awareness.

Art & Country

This very special cubby collaboration was born from the desire to help our beautiful country and its people that were affected during the unprecedented, heartbreaking bushfires in 2019. After the fires, we really felt the need to jump to action and at the time not being able to get our hands dirty, so the idea of an art series one-off cubby collaboration became a reality and we had the most perfect person in mind to create this; Australian Artist Madeleine Stamer. Read more about Madeline in a heartfelt interview on our journal.