Free Cubby House Plans

Download Your Free Cubby House Plans

We understand the lure to create things with your hands, it's how Castle & Cubby came to be from our backyard. We also know that time and tedious process stands in the way of most. We'd love to help you build a cubby house from scratch with our free plans!

Your month long project just became a whole weekend project! And if you're keen to knock off more time to spend playing instead, our timber cubby house kits provide all the satisfaction without any of the hassle.

In your kids eyes YOU'll be the hero either way! From our family to yours!

With 2 young boys who've grown up in cubbies our Top 5 tips for building a cubby house are:

1. Design a wider & taller space for growing kids. Teeny tiny cubby houses don't last long.

2. Use quality Australian timbers for easy refurbishment in the future. A new paint job will add value to your cubby house investment and resale value is more for real timber products.

3, Choose sustainable and non toxic materials & paint. Good for the earth and good for little hands in mouths.

4. Extend the play of the cubby house by adding garden beds, mud kitchens, sand pits, fence blackboards and more. You'll get more quality time outside.

5. Make sure to include internal features such as benches or kitchens and shelving for inside activities and decorating with personal belongings.

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